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Valley County Real Estate

Valley County is a peaceful rural area that stretches through central west Idaho. This area encompasses some of the most beautiful parts of Idaho from the rolling fields and pastures to the reservoirs that have been standing since the area was established in 1917. This area also includes the beautiful area of McCall and Cascade lake. There is a large emphasis on winter sports in this area as far as recreation goes. You can bring out the ATVs and four-wheelers for a ride throughout some of the trails that are in the area. You can go snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding too. You can do summer sports as well such as hiking, rock climbing, and fishing. You can also go camping in your free time. The rural lands are a great place to move in Idaho.

There are a lot of houses with large plots of land in this area. There are a lot of opportunities for you to grow and expand a business in ranching and or farming. These homes can be permanent stops where you settle into your wonderful country lifestyle or it can be a home away from home if you move somewhere like McCall. There are several vacation cabins available in this area for people to buy for the time they spend relaxing in McCall. Whatever you are in the market for whether it be a long-lasting farm or ranch that you can grow and cultivate into something all your own or if you are looking for a temporary vacation home you will find that in Valley County.

The area is very beautiful with the different types of landscapes if offers. There are a lot of beautiful rolling hills and green pastures to please the eye. There are also places that are mountainous with pine trees and other foliage for the animals in the area to live off of. It would not be Idaho if a river was not cutting through the area or if there was not a man-made dam that created a great reservoir for people to fish from. The homes there are great. They can be a little more old-fashioned but they have a lot of charm and they can be a fun fixer-upper for you to add your own personal style to while still enjoying the rustic charm that Valley County homes provide.

There are so many places in Idaho that are great to live for so many different reasons. Some of the reasons that seem to always overlap are the beauty and peace that Idaho holds throughout the state. Valley County is no exception to this trend. There is so much nature all around the homes that you can own and cultivate into something amazing. You can grow crops, raise cattle and so much more if you live in Valley County. Do not forget there are also many fun and engaging outdoor activities you can indulge in when it comes time to take a well-deserved break.