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Living in Star, Idaho

Among many of those who have called Idaho their home for their entire lives or even those who have only recently made Idaho their nesting place, there is a concern that unites various people across the state: How fast Idaho is growing. In a state that for decades has prided itself on its pristine natural resources and scenery, the rapid influx of new residents in certain areas can, and has, threatened some of these long-held jewels of Idaho’s natural habitat. In addition to this, especially among those who have spent their entire lives in the Gem State, the prevailing thought is that growth, although good in many ways, is also threatening to permanently disrupt the way of life that many have enjoyed for most of their lives.

Nowhere else in the state of Idaho are these growing pains felt more acutely than they are in southwestern Idaho, and particularly Ada County. Ada County alone boasts some of the largest cities, population-wise, of the entire state, including the capital city of Boise and the up and coming city of Meridian. Likewise, many in Ada County fear that the hustle and bustle of prosperity will inevitably erode the relative comfort enjoyed by those who reside with their treasure of a valley.

However, even amongst this revolution of city building happening within the county, there is one city that is still a haven of solace and tradition. Although it is growing in many of its own ways, it is still managing to hold to its roots. Truly, its namesake fits it quite well: Star.

Star, Idaho — Getting to Know this Well Loved Town

Currently, Star boasts a population of a little over seven thousand people. The city itself is fairly spread out given its population size, with a mixture of suburbia and the agriculturally based community that Star has been for generations. As with all cities within the Treasure Valley, Star, even with its still relatively small size, has grown a lot the last few years and continues to grow to this day. However, even despite that growth, Star continues to be a haven of peace amid the commotion going on all around it.

Like all of the cities within the Treasure Valley, Star is incredibly interconnected to all the communities around it. This makes it easy for one to access almost anything you need, a must since Star itself lacks many of the luxuries of bigger city living that are enjoyed by other cities in the Valley like Boise or Nampa. But, with close proximity to other cities around it, residents of Star can enjoy a relatively quiet and paced lifestyle, all the while living within minutes of everything one could possibly need.

Above all else, Star is home to a lot of wonderful people. As a community, Star makes it a special focus to help people feel at home, no matter who you are. Even for those that don’t live there, Star is a special place. Star, in essence, reflects both the old and the new; the homey feeling of old Idaho gracefully walking hand in hand with the future.