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Owyhee County Real Estate

Owyhee County

Idaho is an amazing place, full of natural wonders, great people, and rich culture. Equally as rich, and as amazing, is Idaho’s history, and especially its history with natural resources. Much of Idaho’s history, spanning from the time that Europeans and Americans alike first came upon the lands that would become Idaho to the present day, revolves around the abundance of natural resources available in the Gem State. From mineral resources to precious metals, to agricultural, to timber, and just the open availability of land in general, Idaho is a rich State in many regards.

Various Counties throughout the State share in this rich history, but one, in particular, holds a special place in the sagas of early Idaho: Owyhee County. Owyhee County, just like Idaho, has humble beginnings; the land that would become the first County organized by the then Idaho Territory was originally settled by a mixture of Native American tribes, mostly consisting of tribes of Shoshone, the Paiute, and the Bannock peoples. As American and European settlers and explorers came West, conflicts over resources and lands regrettably drove these people out, and the beginnings of Idaho statehood and the genesis of Owyhee County began.

Owyhee County – Mining

Although preceded in organization by Boise, Idaho and Nez Perce counties, respectively (which were all organized when Idaho was still part of the nascent territory of Washington), as previously mentioned, Owyhee County would be the first County organized by the territorial government of Idaho. In those days, the County seat would be based in the mining boom town of Ruby City, but would soon be superseded by another boom town of those days, Silver City. In the present day, Ruby City and Silver City are both ghost towns, long since abandoned as they were depleted by the residents and ancestors from those days of plenty. As it was in those earliest days, the size of Owyhee County was gigantic, compared to its current size, covering the portion of the Idaho Territory south of the Snake River Valley and west of the Rocky Mountains. As such, as well as because of the boom towns, Owyhee County was the most populous of all the counties of Idaho. Today, it is among the least populated of the state.

Owyhee County – the Towns and Communities of Owyhee County

Still, with a rich history and rich soil, Owyhee County persists. In the present day, Owyhee County is home to three cities, Marsing, Homedale and Grand View, with the County seat based in Murphy. As with many Idaho Counties, Owyhee County is home to a number of unincorporated communities as well, but unlike many of the Counties in Idaho, Owyhee County is home to a number of ghost towns as well (with the previously mentioned Ruby City and Silver City being included in that).

Ultimately, if one is looking to see into Idaho’s history, all the while exploring some truly magnificent country, Owyhee County is southwestern Idaho’s destination for both. Owyhee County is one of the Gem State’s best, and likely will continue to be so for a long, long time.