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Meridian Real Estate

Meridian, Idaho

In traditional underdog stories, the hero (or heroine) usually comes from a very non-hero background, with not much in the way of advantages or skills that would put them ahead. It is these kinds of stories, the rag to riches, the self-made man, the Cinderellas, that have driven Americans from our first days as a nation. While many, chasing those dreams of greatness, have stumbled, and ultimately were unsuccessful, United States history books are replete with the success stories, conquests, and triumphs of the many men and women who have won out, even against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Meridian, Idaho – History

The story of how Idaho began a state is one such of those stories; from humble beginnings, Idaho as a state has persevered and has become something truly great. This greatness, however, would not have been possible without individual communities and groups of communities doing their part in lifting the state into the next levels of prosperity and growth. One such of these communities is our very own Meridian, Idaho.

As with the rest of the state, Meridian had very humble origins. The first settlers, in what would eventually become Meridian, only took up residence in the area that they did because it was the only place they could find water sufficient enough to survive and grow crops. Over time, as the rail lines through this part of the country became more commonplace, and as more and more settlers began to set down roots in the Treasure Valley, Meridian became a village, then a town, and then a city outright.

Meridian, Idaho – Population and Growth

Looking at the city today, especially in certain parts of the city, you would never be able to tell that there were humble beginnings for Meridian at all. From the elegant homes to the illustrious looking business to the thriving corridors of Eagle Road, there is not much that Meridian leaves to be desired. Especially in the last decade, similar to the neighboring city of Boise, Meridian has grown by leaps and bounds, skyrocketing itself into the number two spot as far as population is concerned in the state. To this fact, Meridian is only eclipsed by Boise in terms of the rate of population growth, even outpacing the arguably more established community of Nampa to the west. It is hard to go anywhere in Meridian without seeing the signs of such growth, from the construction of new businesses to the clearing of land for new subdivisions and so forth. For those few who grew up in Meridian before this booming time, it is truly a wonder to behold just how much, even in the past twenty years, the city of Meridian has changed.


Truly, for any Meridian resident, or any Idaho resident for that matter, it is an exciting time to be alive. As things continue to go well for the city, more growth and prosperity are sure to follow, blessing the Treasure Valley with things that previously couldn’t have even been dreamed of. Meridian, Idaho; the classic underdog story made a reality.