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Kuna Real Estate

Kuna is an up and coming rural community that offers the peaceful farm life while still being close to the city of Boise. You never know when you will need to go to the city and having one close by but out of the way is never a bad thing. Kuna consists mostly of plots of land for farming and rural land features that provides a graceful landscape for those looking to get away from the city hustle. Kuna is known for its caves and access to the greenbelt along the Boise River. There are also a lot of fun places to go pond fishing and several wineries for adults to go and relax. Kuna provides a safe and comfortable community with friendly people and land to grow.

If you enjoy being outside and experiencing the great outdoors then Kuna is a great place for you. From hiking the Kuna Caves to biking the greenbelt or golfing on the green there is plenty to do that will keep you outdoors. There is also water access for paddle boarding, fishing, and relaxing waterside. If there is another activity that you would like to do such as camping, boating, rock climbing, fly fishing and so on you can easily find a place that offers any of those activities within an hour away. The main road in Kuna leads right to the freeway which can get you to the neighboring cities relatively quick if you need a shopping trip or a nice night on the town. There are all four seasons in Idaho so there are winter activities available as well as summer activities.

Kuna Real Estate – Schools and Employment

Kuna has one school district with five elementary schools. (Elementary school holds grades kindergarten through fifth). The elementary schools filter into the middle school which holds grades six through eight. Then finally onto the one high school in the Kuna school district which has grades nine through twelve. The high school has a variety of sports and it is a fun thing the community participates in by going and watching the games.

Furthermore, the job growth in Kuna has risen 3.02% this past year with a 3.30% unemployment rate. Kuna is projected to experience a job growth of 42.73% in the next 10 years. There is opportunity for expansion in this area which is great for job opportunities as the Idaho population grows. However, you still have time to enjoy the slow and quiet years ahead.

From Kuna’s peaceful landscape and slow-paced lifestyle to its school system and job growth, Kuna is a great place to consider when buying a home. There are many plots of land that would be great to develop and utilize for farming or ranching. You will see varying degrees of a farm all through Kuna homes. Some people have a couple pigs, chickens and a horse and others have fields upon fields of various crops. There is something for anyone looking to escape the city and settle into the quiet parts of Idaho.