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Gem County Real Estate

Gem County spans from Letha to Sweet and from Freezeout Hill to Ola. While Gem County is mainly a rural part of Idaho, you’d be surprised what more you might find there. Emmett, considered the county seat, for instance, is full of great things to do and there are several things to do in the surrounding area to get involved in the community. Most famous of these activities is the cherry festival they host in the warm summers. There is a lot of history in this area of the state and a lot of books and websites that document that history. There are orchards and beautiful places like Black Rock Canyon to enjoy while in this area. There are a lot of beautiful places to live and great things to do if you live in Gem County. The houses are charming and there is a lot of land for you to develop into a beautiful orchard or farm area. The people in this area like to get involved with their community and there is even an event calendar online for people to look through for local activities to participate in. The landscapes are clearly beautiful for there are orchards and fields that stretch across Gem County’s boundaries but the houses also add to the charm of the area. You have a lot of options as to what type of home you can own, the amount of land you would like to own and so on. You can find condos, single-family homes, ranches, farms and mobile homes. So, there is most likely a home to suit your own individual need in this area. Not to mention, you can get involved in town meetings to go over important topics that affect you and the place you live. Gem County really encourages citizen involvement. There is a recreation center that has several different uses from meetings and banquets to even swimming tournaments.

Fun things to do in Gem CountyAs stated before there are several types of homes available to you in Gem County and they all have their own benefits according to what you are looking for in a home. There are a lot of possibilities and that is great for any home buyer weighing their options on a future place to settle in. There are great real estate companies, ourselves included, and there is a friendly face to help guide you at every corner. There are houses that have a very charming feel to them that have a lot of character to them from the amount of time they have been around and the different personal touches people have left behind from living there. There are also newer homes that you can make your own without the influence of past owners.

You will also have the option of buying land and building your own custom home from there. There are a lot of plots of land that are for sale because this is a rural area with a large emphasis on agriculture and it is a beautiful place with a lot of opportunity for agricultural growth. The rural area is also great for outdoor recreation for when you want to take a break from the daily grind. The Payette River meanders through this area creating the perfect place for water activities and this river holds a lot of gorgeous sights to enjoy in case you just want to sightsee.