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Elmore County Real Estate

Elmore County is a sweet rural area with a population of 25,876. This number may seem small to you but this area has been experiencing an influx in its population and there has been a growth in jobs and opportunity right along with it. The Elmore County lies on the eastern side of Boise and stretches north toward Idaho City. It reaches south almost all the way to Wendell Idaho. This area cuts through the Sawtooth National Forest and the beautiful scenery that comes with that area. It is a great place to visit or live year round. There are modern homes, there are cabins, there are small homes and big homes. Whatever you are wanting in a home you will be able to find it in the Elmore County.

This area has a lot to do as far as outdoor recreation activities go. As stated before there is the Sawtooth National Forest where you can camp, hike and explore the gorgeous area. This area also has a lot of history. People came here for the gold and silver mines that were abundant with treasure. The area was actually named after the popular Ida Elmore mines in the 1960’s. There are so many things to do in this area for recreation. You can camp in various locations, you can enjoy many different water activities such as sailing, boating and fishing. You can hike and bike through various trails as well. There are so many fun things to do to fit any type of hobby.

Living in the back country of IdahoThe beautiful and diverse landscapes of Elmore County are wonderfully accompanied by the housing that you can find all throughout the county. There are homes with different amounts of land that can fit your needs. You can buy a plot of land and build your own custom home as well. This is great for those that are very creative and want a home of their own design. Or if you have certain things that you need in a home that you cannot find in a conventional home you can design a home that is a perfect fit for you. With this ability to customize your own home there is the benefit of having a house unique from the surrounding houses. This is great for those that do not want to live in the city but also do not want to live in the suburbs where all the houses have to fit a certain design.

Elmore County is a great place to live with the calm environment and the ability to control the plot of land or home you buy. There are opportunities to get into agriculture and start your own farm or ranch. If you do not want to have your own but enjoy the culture and work of farming and ranching you will be able to find a place to work in this area as well. There are a lot of fun things to do outdoors on your off days that are sure to keep you entertained.