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Boise Real Estate

Living in Boise, Idaho

The responsibility of being any state’s capital is a big one; that city, in a way, serves not only as its administrative hub, but as an example of what that state’s values, people, and culture are like. Even in those state’s where the capital city isn’t necessarily at the forefront of people’s minds when one thinks about them (i.e. Chicago, New York City, Detroit, etc.), the capital city in those states still hold an undeniable influence on the culture, politics, and prosperity of the state as a whole. One such city that not only takes this responsibility seriously but excels at it, is the capital of our very own Gem State, the City of Trees, Boise.

Boise, Idaho – an Aspiring City

Boise, like many other cities in southwestern Idaho, has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade, boasting a healthy population of over two hundred and twenty thousand people. Unlike the other rapidly expanding cities in the state, however, Boise, from the way it was planned out to its cosmopolitan vibe, seems like it knew it was destined for greatness. As such, with rapid growth not only in population but in commerce, popularity and overall prosperity, Boise has managed to stay level headed and strong, promoting progress while holding tenaciously to its roots.

Boise, Idaho – Its Growth and Beginnings

Boise’s beginnings, however, were not as grand as its current standing. Boise, in one way or another, began as a trading post, both for those who were traversing the Oregon Trail, or for miners who had struck, or who attempted to strike, “pay dirt” in the surrounding regions of Owyhee County or Boise County. As time went by, or as “pay dirt” didn’t pay as it was hoped it would, people eventually began to settle in what would be originally known as Boise City, and then eventually, just Boise. Over the next few decades, growth was moderate, and even as Idaho was granted Statehood, Boise was perhaps one of the smallest state capitals of its time.

As the turn of the century rolled around, however, growth in Boise began to slowly but steadily pick up steam, and by the 1970’s, real progress had begun full force, building up to the breakneck pace experienced today. Boise today is a feather in the cap of the Gem State, being simultaneously the seat of much of its innovation, culture, politics, economy, and so forth. In its own right, Boise is slowly beginning to compete with larger cities like it in terms of events, opportunities, education, and commerce, with promising futures in every one of those categories.

Boise today looks drastically different than it did even ten years ago. With that in mind, it is exciting to think just how Boise will look another ten years from now. No matter how the city looks in the days of the future, one thing is certain: Boise’s future, and the future of its residents, is bright, and in the coming day, Boise will be a shining example to the nation of how progress and homegrown values can work together to bring something truly special.

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