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Boise County Real Estate

Boise County

Immediately to the northeast of Ada County, Idaho’s fastest growing County, is the County that shares its namesake with that of the capital city, as well one of Idaho’s most important rivers: Boise. Boise County is one of the last vestiges of Idaho’s earliest days; mountain communities are what makes up most if not all of this County, with most of those having origins in Idaho’s gold mining or trapping yesteryears. When traversing the roads and landscapes of Boise County, one can easily put themselves in the shoes of those earliest mountain men, or of those pioneers who trekked the Oregon Trail. The County sports some of the richest history, both literally and figuratively, of the entire State of Idaho, and much of that history can still be tangibly felt today. In all its rugged beauty, one can find Idaho as Idaho has been for centuries: breathtaking.

Boise County – Communities of Boise County

Boise County was named indirectly by French-Canadians explorers that gave the name “Boise” to the river that flows through Boise County, down in Ada County, and beyond. In this day and age, Boise County is made up of four small communities (comparatively, especially to Ada County), namely Idaho City, Crouch, Horseshoe Bend, and Placerville, with another eight either unincorporated communities and villages besides, all tucked up in the mountain ranges of southern central Idaho. As previously alluded to, the cities and townships of Boise County are sparsely populated, with the County seat of Idaho City boasting an estimated population of only 442 people. The largest city in the County, Horseshoe Bend, barely exceeds that, with an estimated population of 692 people.   

Boise County – Boise County and the Great Outdoors

The residents of Boise County are those who either were, at first, those who used to live in the more populated areas of Idaho and grew tired of it, or those whose families have owned land and/or prospecting sites for generations. Boise County, as such, is a paradise for those that love the beauty of untouched land, without being so far out of the way as to completely forsake the blessings of civilization. The few roads that go through the County are very much molded around the landscape rather than the landscape being molded to the roads. Traveling through Boise County is a beautiful drive as it a lonely one, with only a handful of traffic lights sparsely spread throughout the County.

Boise County is the epitome of the outdoors. Many people from the surrounding Counties, whether or not they live there, travel to Boise County when they need to get a fix of Mother Nature. The County also serves as a reminder of what the Old West was like. Idaho City, for example, takes a lot of pride in its history, with a large part of their downtown being dedicated to both honoring that past as well as educating visitors and residents alike of Idaho City’s storied history. The history of the County, as well as its natural wonders, are both parts of what keeps this County alive and keeps the County as one of the jewels of the Gem State.