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Ada County Real Estate

Ada County

The Great State of Idaho is a great place to live. There is so much about the State that is positive for anyone, regardless of who you are or where you have come from. From the natural beauty of the state to the thriving economy, to the friendliness of the people, to the safety of the cities; the list could go on and on. There are so many reasons why the State of Idaho is one of the fastest growing states in the country, and a great many of those reasons are all on display in one particular part of the state: Ada County.


 Ada County – A Hub of Activity

Ada County, among the counties of Idaho, is the fastest growing county in this fast-growing State. This is due in large part to two communities within that county: The capital, Boise, and its next-door neighbor, Meridian. Both of these communities, in addition to the other cities that make up Ada County, namely Star, Eagle, Garden City and Kuna, are all undergoing a period of growth and prosperity previously unseen in the State, a period of growth that began relatively recently. Driven by many of the aforementioned qualities, Ada County has become a hub for those who are seeking a better quality of life, accessible housing, good work, all without the particular stresses of big city life that one could expect in the truly large cities in America.

Ada County – Why People Move to Ada County

Many who move to Ada County describe the area as a big town with a small town feel. This is due in part to the many subdivisions and neighborhoods throughout the city, giving many residents a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The commutability between all of the communities in Ada County, in addition to those in the eastern part of nearby Canyon County, makes a big city feel small at times, as well as making living in a smaller community realistically attainable while still maintaining good employment.

Ada County – The Weather

The climate in Ada County is also particularly desirable. The southwestern region of the State, in which Ada County resides, is described by locals as the “banana belt”, referring to this region’s comparatively mild weather as opposed to that of northern or eastern Idaho. Additionally, with Ada County’s geography giving it the designation of being a high desert, this gives Ada County and the surrounding areas some unique characteristics. Winters in Ada County are mild, with snowfall in any given year only happening once or twice a season, with most of the snow being stopped in the foothills that surround most of the county. Summers can be particularly warm, however, but one could expect high temperatures for only two or three weeks of the year. The Spring and Autumn seasons in Ada County are particularly desirable, with a good mixture of sunlight, warmth, seasonal color changing and great events held by the respective communities.     

Ada County is a great place to live, just as the Gem State, in all its greatness, reflects that very same statement. Even if one only passes through, being in Ada County will be an experience few ever forget, and many treasure. If you want to learn more about Idaho real estate, be sure to check out our article Buying a Home in Idaho. We are sure you’ll love it!