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Working with a Small Backyard | Idaho Real Estate

What to do with a small backyard?How big is your backyard? If you are lucky, you have a nice big yard with a whole lot of room for activities, but you might not be so fortunate, even if you have a really nice house that has a lot of space inside. Sometimes, there just is not much room to fence in a backyard to call your own. However, you probably still want to do at least something with it, otherwise, it is just sitting there being useless. But with so little room your options are also limited. But fear not. There are options, you just have to get a little creative if you want to do anything truly special. Some of the traditional backyard activities and hobbies you might typically enjoy with more room require some adjusting. There really is a lot you can accomplish, but you have to go into it knowing what you want to do and how to do it.

Pretty much everyone wants some kind of garden in their yard, whether in the front or the back. But if you have a really limited amount of space to work with, certain plants or garden layouts might not be possible. You do not have so much room to set out a bunch of different plots for different kinds of flowers or vegetables. You might be able to have a small plot for your very favorite kind of plant, but the fences and the house get in the way of sunlight for every other option and when it comes right down to it, you need to have a spot where plants fit if you want them to grow without strangling each other for water. Some plants you can mash together, and they will thrive. Most plants do not work that way. But, what if you decided to try and grow up instead of growing sideways (Not talking about age or weight here). If you do not have space to expand to the sides, why not try and do what every major city started doing when they ran out of room? Just stack your plants on top of each other. This has been a thing for a while, but it is not always necessary. There are a number of different contraptions you can get that will raise your plants off the ground and let you grow them one above the other, but you can even do this yourself if you want to have a little personal project to work on for a while. Each plant can have its own pot or, if the pots are big enough, you can treat it like an elevated plot and plant several together. You can even hang plants from an overhang or metal bar. You will have to disguise the bar to make everything look nicer, but that can be pretty easy. Even just stacking up a few crates you are never going to use might add something to your garden’s personality that nothing else could quite match. Some plants can even be grown inverted if you are running out of ideas or space.

Ideas for your backyardSmall Backyard Ideas | Idaho Real Estate

What if you are the kind of person that likes to have a fountain in your yard somewhere? A lot of fountains tend to sprawl out and take up a lot of space which makes putting a fountain in a small backyard difficult (You are not going to have any ponds), but that does not mean you simply cannot have a fountain. Again, there are options available to you. Just like plants can be grown vertically instead of horizontally, a good fountain also incorporates levels and other aspects that give it a certain verticality. Fountains are all about water falling in cool ways and you do not need a whole lot of real estate to make them happen in a good way. This is definitely one situation where restrictions breed creativity, and you can do all kind of things with different materials. Of course, most department stores have a selection of different kinds of premade fountains if you do not have the time or skills to create your own fountains, and these can look very nice if they are placed in the right spot. A fountain can do an enormous amount to change the entire look of a backyard and give it a new attitude. A fountain also adds unique and pleasurable sounds to a backyard environment. Moving water is always very pleasant.

One strategy you might take is to just treat your backyard as another room in your house. Even if your backyard is very small, it is probably still bigger than most other rooms in your home, which means there is a lot you might be able to do to create an outdoor living room. There are not many rooms in your house it can replicate or replace (It should not replace your bathroom, that is for sure) but it can serve as a living room or a kitchen if you want to do some outdoor cooking and barbequing. Get yourself a grill or other outdoor cooking equipment, set up a table and some chairs, and suddenly you have yourself an outdoor place where you can get together with friends and family and have some fun. You might want to consider adding on some kind of overhang that will keep the sun off you when it is particularly hot or that will make the area useable to some extent when it rains. Either way, with a few modifications you can use this area all year long.

It can be a drag when your backyard is tiny and there is no room for the activities you usually love, but that does not mean you are all out of luck. As I said earlier, restrictions breed creativity, and it can be a lot of fun to design things to fit in a limited amount of space. A small backyard is not the end of the world. In fact, it can be the beginning of a whole new one for you.

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