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Why People Wanting to Get Away From the City are Moving to Idaho

Get out of the city and move to the countryLiving in a city can be very difficult.  Yes, there are many wonderful things in a city, but those advantages seem small compared to the disadvantages.  Many people just dream of getting away from it all, but never seem to have the chance to do so. The songs of the wide open ranges, and the lands of wild bison, antelope, thick forests, and fresh air taunt, and tease them.  Until one day, they refuse to let all those things that keep them trapped in the city, stop them from venturing to a gem of a state, Idaho.  

One of the biggest complaints about living in the city is the time it takes to get places.  Commuting to work, school, or even shopping can be very time-consuming. One might even feel it’s a waste of time.  Between waiting for your train or bus, and then the time it takes to travel to your destination, you have already lost a couple of hours.  Then to do it all over again in reverse can double the time you lose just to transportation. That’s not even counting the time you spend at the activity you went to.  It’s been reported that some commutes have taken so long that the commuter arrives home late into the night.

Living in Idaho, you might have a bit of a commute to work, but most commutes are under a half-an-hour.  The roads usually have beautiful vistas to take in as you drive. Imagine driving along the road, your windows are down, and a delicious, cool, morning breeze fills your car with the fresh smells of the country.  Along your commute, you look over at the pasture by the road and see a tan Shetland pony with a long pale mane. Next to her is a foal which is a miniature version of her. That’s what you’ll find in Idaho.

Leave the City and relocate to IdahoIs living in Idaho Cheaper than Living in the City?

The city life can be expensive.  Housing prices are very high. Gone are the days when a family making an average wage can live by themselves in an apartment, or even a house in the city.  Many families have to live with another couple or family and share the rent or mortgage to be able to afford a standard place to live. Then to add on the price of transportation, food, clothing, etc., there is very little money left to spare if any.

In Idaho, housing prices are more affordable.  It’s not uncommon to have one family per home, in fact, it’s the norm.  Add to that, produce is very accessible and less expensive. Most people even grow their own gardens, enjoying the fresh fruits and vegetables they grow, all summer long.  Some people bottle their produce to use during the winter time. Raspberry and strawberry jam are a common condiment on the table in Idaho.

With the constant horn honking, people talking on the streets, and public transportation zooming past your home, trying to go to sleep in the city might prove very challenging.  Sleep is a vital part of being healthy. Without adequate sleep, the human body becomes susceptible to all kinds of ailments like diabetes, heart disease, and much more.

In Idaho, you can be lulled to sleep by the sound of crickets chirping, or the lowing of cattle.  Noise is not a problem in Idaho unless you don’t like the sounds of rivers flowing, animals calling, or the wind causing the trees to gently sway.  It is an amazing thing to stand out in nature, and not hear a single human sound, no car, radio, airplane, jackhammer, or even a voice. To spend time listening to nature can prove to be very refreshing, and create a calm for both body, and mind.

Wide Open Spaces Can Be Found in Idaho

Lack of space in a city can become a problem.  It’s hard to find space to spread out, or that is private, or maybe even quiet.  In a city, there are so many people it’s difficult to expand. Also, there is a lot of competition for everything, not just jobs.  To catch the eye of an employer, a director, or possibly a university in a big city can be almost impossible, especially when the local colleges and universities graduate thousands of people with the same qualifications as you, all vying for the same job, part, or place.

Idaho has wide open spaces where you don’t feel cramped or contained.  You are free to roam, investigate, and discover the world around you. With a smaller population in Idaho, there is less competition for jobs, parts, and places.  Because of this, people in Idaho are friendlier. In general, they’re happier, and calmer which translates into being less stressed, kinder, and more understanding.  This all contributes to a stronger sense of community. When you have fewer neighbors, it’s easier to get to know them on a more intimate level, to be able to join together in a common cause, and to always have someone who’s there to help you out when you need it.  Nothing says community better than someone coming to your door with dinner on a night when you’re not feeling well.

There are many advantages to living in Idaho.  Cleaner air is definitely a plus, especially for those who suffer from lung diseases.  With fewer people in the state, there is less traffic and less smog. In a city, it’s never a fun thing to come home at the end of the day, especially after taking public transportation, and rolling up your sleeves and finding that the dirt and grime from city living have turned your exposed skin a considerably darker color.

Living in Idaho continues to demonstrate many wonderful perks for residents to enjoy.  Some of which are, a slower paced life, and lower crime rates. Who wouldn’t want that?  Being able to slow down enough to smell the proverbial roses, and to feel safe doing it is priceless.  Idaho has all that, and more. You’re invited to move to Idaho to smell the roses and even take some home with you.

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