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What to Look Forward to About Living in Boise

Buy a Home in Boise, IdahoThe city of Boise is a great place to live. The city is full of diverse and great people that are kind and friendly. Boise is the capital of Idaho and it’s largest city. There has been a population spike all over Idaho in recent years but the city of Boise has definitely benefited the most from the growth. There is a lot of opportunity for business growth and finding diverse and sustainable jobs. Boise is also the home of several higher education facilities including a law school, a full four-year university, and so on and so forth. So, if you want to hit the books and do some learning, then this is the place. There are also many indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy on off days as well. So, if you like to be outside and active there are several things for you to do. Not to mention, there are great restaurants, movie theaters and a shopping mall for indoor activities. Then, there is hiking, biking, fishing, camping, rock climbing and so much more if there is not something in Boise for you to do you are close to a city or area that can provide any activity that you would like to do.

Business and Work in Boise Idaho

Due to the growth in population that Idaho is currently experiencing there is a large influx in job opportunities like we mentioned earlier. In March of 2018, Idaho’s unemployment rate was 2.9 percent overall. Boise has been a large benefactor of this low rate because it is one of the main areas experiencing growth. There are many resources available to you for finding a job. There are a lot of great websites that local business owners utilize when looking for new employees and there are several networking events that happen in Boise so that you can get face-to-face interaction with companies and businesses that you may be interested in working for. Idahoans all over the state are friendly and prefer to do business in person when they can. It is important to see and be seen when it comes to employment and doing business with others. There are also opportunities to start your own business. There is a lot of involvement with the State of Idaho and they help provide local utilities and other partners that can compete for your business. The economy in Boise supports local businesses and it is a great time to move to Boise to start a business of your own.

Raft the River of No Return!Though Boise is a great city for financial growth it is also an amazing place to have fun and there are many different ways to do that. There are beautiful foothills, a great greenbelt and a lively river just minutes from any given area in the city limits. The city life perfectly coincides with the outdoors which is a trait unique to Boise. You can go boating, rafting and fishing with the use of the Boise River. You can hike, bike and even camp in the foothills and so much more. Boise is also a great place for sports fans. Boise is home of the blue turf at Boise State University so, good news for you football fans. There is a very large following of the football team at Boise State and even if you are not a big sports fan the environment is still very fun to experience. In person, you will see people with their decorated cars, who have been tailgating for hours in the school’s parking lots to show a lot of love for the orange and blue. For the times that you want to stay indoors and enjoy the game, there are great restaurants to enjoy.

Shopping and Other Amenities in Boise

Now, if sports are your thing, then you need to check out the restaurants, bar and grills, and areas to shop located in and around Boise. There are fun stores all through Boise that you can explore or you can go to the Boise Mall if you just want to stay in one place. Then again there is the Village at Meridian, one of the newest and hottest places to spend some free time.

There are other great things to do as a community in Boise. There is a large farmer’s market that is open from spring to fall where you can find locally sourced produce, artwork, baked goods and more. It is a great way to support local businesses and to find fun and unique places to buy things such as jewelry, clothing, pottery, and woodwork items. There are also events like the Potato Drop that people come to see from all over the state to mark the beginning of the years, firework shows in the summer as well as a fair in the month of August. There are other various festivals that happen during the summer months as well. Boise is also a great place runners if you want to participate in marathons and other fundraisers of the sort.

Boise is a fun, friendly and exciting place to live. There are so many different types of homes that you can live in as well as apartments and townhomes. There are older homes that are full of charm and history. There are moderns homes and apartments as well as condos and townhomes. There are places that have more land than others to fit your needs. Boise can sustain various types of lifestyles and hobbies. There is a wonderful blend of indoor and outdoor activities that can keep anyone entertained. The city lifestyle and outdoor lifestyle are not two different things when you are in Boise. There is a lot of economic growth going on all throughout Idaho but especially Boise.

Boise Idaho is an amazing city with a lot of potential for fun and success.



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