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Weekend Fun in Boise

What is there to do in Boise for funIn any city, it can be hard to find out what there is to do on a boring weekend when none of your usual activities are available or seem appealing. Even with a million people around you, orchestrating events and planning fun stuff to share with the world, if you do not know where to look you are unlikely to find something that interests you. Boise is not an exception to this rule. It is a big city with a lot of things going on, but only in certain parts of the city will you find things going on that you might actually enjoy. I intend to open your eyes to a few Boise activities that could fall within that category. You might not be interested in the specific things I have to talk about, but they also might open up a window to other possibilities you had not considered or did not know about. Hopefully, you will get some new ideas that turn every boring weekend you might have had in the future into absolute blast after absolute blast.

First, I want to start with the heart of the city, or at least one of the hearts of a city with many different hearts, the Boise Greenbelt. There is always something going on at the greenbelt, even if there is nothing specific planned. First and foremost, the greenbelt is a greenbelt, a bastion of the natural world at the center of a concrete and metal one. The Boise River itself gives a lot of options for a fun afternoon spent on and around the water. You can do some fishing or just go for a swim if you can find the right spot for it. If you want something a little more organized, every year there is a group float down the center of the river where everyone in the city can bring themselves and an inner tube and glide down the river together. It makes for a very interesting sight, even if you do not participate in the festivities. Regardless, the Boise River and its greenbelt have natural sites, wildlife, and pretty much everything else you might want from a river, and it goes right through the middle of the city. It is a truly quaint and wonderful landmark in an otherwise sprawling symbol of how far humanity has come in its ability to build cities. Finally,

However, the greenbelt is almost always in a flurry of structured things to do. Let us start with the stuff that you can do all the time, no matter what time of month or year it is. There are parks for all ages with all kinds of different structures and things to see and do. There are museums where you can learn about history, both that of Idaho and the rest of the world. There is even a museum about Anne Frank and the Holocaust, built to remember the different tragedies the world has suffered so that they might not be repeated. Zoo Boise is also placed very conveniently next to the greenbelt. What better way to spend a day or two of your weekend than to see a bunch of different unique and exotic animals. Zoo Boise has a large collection of life other than what can be found in Idaho or even in the United States, and it is all right there for you to see and enjoy. Want to see a tiger? Zoo Boise has that for you. Want to see a giraffe? Zoo Boise can satisfy your need for long-necked horses. There are too many cool animals to talk about in such a limited amount of time. This is all without the different events that are organized periodically to take place in the greenbelt. There are concerts and rallies and other events you can take part in with the cool backdrop of the river and greenbelt we have already established to be so beautiful and charming.

Check out the Boise ZooOther fun things to do in Boise

Of course, the greenbelt and all there is within it is really just the bare minimum when it comes to fun stuff in Boise. You can spend a lot of time there and never really run out of new things to do, but you would miss out on the rest of what the city has to offer. For example, if you are a fan of animals and Zoo Boise has left you wanting more, there is the Aquarium of Boise, where you can get a whole new look at a bunch of animals Zoo Boise is not built to hold and take care of. You can see a ton of different kinds of marine life, from sharks to jellyfish and everything in between hat you can imagine. There are also several museums outside of the greenbelt that are very interesting and could take up a whole day or more if you are feeling inclined. If you like art, there is the Boise Art Museum which has changing and unchanging exhibits with different artists being features depending on the theme the museum is currently presenting.  If you want to learn more about Idaho and its past, there is the Idaho State Museum, which can tell you all about the history of Idaho as well as some of the stuff that is currently going on in the Gem State. For more about Boise history specifically, there is the Old Idaho Penitentiary. This use to be the place to hold prisoners in Idaho until more modern methods and buildings were constructed, but you can still see what it might have been like, both for criminals and the people guarding them. I have heard it might even be haunted. Spooky, I know.

I have only just scratched the surface of all of the amazing things Boise can give you if you want to have a good time over the weekend. All of this can keep you occupied for months, and yet there is still more available. You will just have to find it, but that should not be too hard. Fun is always on the horizon.


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