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Townhomes — What are they and why do people like them?

Buying a townhouse in IdahoTownhomes are a new, up-in-coming form of housing that has been recently brought to Idaho and is growing in popularity. Townhomes are homes that are built wall to wall with the neighbors and they allow for people to buy their unit rather than rent which is beneficial for those that are looking to settle in with a house payment and the financial benefits that come with that. Not to mention having control over your own space and being able to paint the walls the colors you choose and refurnish how you like. Townhomes differ from condos because usually, condos are one level units that you can buy and townhomes are at least a couple of stories tall. Both condos and townhomes have Homeowners Associations (HOA) that sets boundaries for the unit owners. They set the boundaries to help keep the quality up on style, the condition of the home and overall appearance. However, people that purchase a condo are purchasing the living space and a portion of the roof, stairs, and lawn so the HOA fee can be a little heftier for condo owners. When you are purchasing a townhome you are purchasing your own of everything, roof, stairs, and lawn. Meaning a possible smaller fee but also, most upkeep is your responsibility.

Benefits and Draws of Living in a Townhouse or Townhome

Most townhomes have a fun and unique architectural style that people enjoy. This is a big draw for some people and the reason most choose to live in a townhome but there are several other benefits to living in a townhome that people enjoy. In a townhome, you will be living close to other people and get to know your neighbors due to the close proximity of everyone’s living spaces. So if you are moving to Idaho from a different state or from a different area that can be a great way to meet new people and become more adjusted to your environment. There are also many townhomes that offer other amenities such as a clubhouse or a pool for tenant use. This use is all governed and regulated by the association designated to the townhome community of your choice. Their policies and amenities are all things that you can learn about before choosing which townhome you would like to settle in. This is beneficial because there are varying levels of involvement each association has in the community and you should be sure that you like where they are at with their policies and what they have to offer you for being there.

A concern people have about living so close to their neighbors is that there is the chance of noise from other people living nearby. In condos, this is something that arises more often because people do share walls with their neighbors. In a townhome, however, that is not usually the case. Especially in newer townhomes, there have been “party walls” built in between each living unit. This double-wall design is helpful in cutting out the normal noise of daily life from the surrounding living units. This is beneficial especially because the tenants of these townhomes can differ from each other greatly and everyone is bound to have different schedules that could be disruptive to their neighbors. This is for tenants that have a difference in music taste from one another; for some reason, most people do not like hard metal and string quartets when they mix together. In townhomes, it is okay to be different from your neighbor and most times you will be. This makes life more fun and interesting. The closeness is also beneficial in lowering expenses such as heating, cooling, and other utility bills. This is because it is easier to keep the units cool or warm if everyone is using their air conditioning units at the same time and you will not have to use your heating and air to do all the work.

There are great deals on townhomes in IdahoThings to Keep in Mind

In Idaho, there are a lot of different townhomes in all different areas. You can find them almost anywhere you go that is near a city or town. As you can guess this is great for those that have to live in a certain area for a job or other personal reasons. There are a variety of choices for townhomes to live in and there is most likely a home for you. Idaho is a beautiful place to live no matter where you are and there are several things to do all over the state. With a townhome you will just be adding to the awesome community you will already be involved in and you will have even more activities to enjoy. There will be a better spread of information about local events as well to help you be aware of the fun things you can be a part of. Living in these communities is a very big advantage to those that do not know much about the area when they first move and it will help you get adapted to the area and find good friends to spend your free time with. Networking is important for everyone at some level and living in a townhome is a great way to do that in a natural and comfortable way.

Townhomes have a lot of benefits to them from the ownership, the social aspect and other added amenities to make buying one an easy decision. With a townhome, you are free to make the living unit personal and unique to you while still making great friends that you can enjoy the beautiful lifestyle Idaho has to offer with. Townhomes are more private than most condos and that is important when it comes to quiet hours but it is still more sociable than living in a private home. There are a lot of reasons that you should look into purchasing a townhome and in Idaho but to sum it up there are great amenities that you get to enjoy in a townhome, there are friends just behind a “party wall” and it is not difficult to find a place that you would like to settle in.


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