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Top Five Things to Know About Idaho

People love to live in IdahoEvery state has its little quirks. Each one is unique in its variety and the different activities you can do within its borders and the different things people think about when that state pops into their mind. Idaho is no exception. It may be one of the least populous states in the country and it might not have any of the largest cities that other states have, but it does have different things that make it unique. Here are five of those things that might interest you and lead you to want to move to Idaho or at least give it a visit in the near future. Idaho has a lot to offer and this is only a taste.

  1. Idaho is known for a their awesome potatoesYou probably already know about Idaho’s relationship with the potato. It can be a bit of a running joke when people talk about the state and its massive industry which churns out so many potatoes every year. What you might not realize is that this is a source of pride among Idaho’s people. And it is a much-deserved pride. Not only does Idaho make a lot of potatoes, but it makes the best potatoes in the world. You might find a better single potato somewhere else on the planet, but you will not find a better production infrastructure coming out with some potatoes that will absolutely blow your mind. You can work these potatoes into pretty much any dish you can think of or want. There are few other foodstuffs as versatile and delicious as the potato. Idaho can also boast that it was the birthplace of the potato. The settlers from the east discovered the natives planting and growing potatoes and recognized how awesome it all was and sent the plant back to New England and across oceans.
  2. Idahoans are also pretty proud of their rivers and Idaho has a lot of those to go around. The state has one of the largest networks of rivers in the country and might even rival some of the wetter spots in other nations and on other continents. You probably already know about the Snake River which is absolutely the largest river in the state, but that is really small potatoes (See what I did there?) when you start adding up every other river you can find in Idaho. And beyond just looking nice, Idahoans know exactly what to do to get the most out of these rivers. Think of any one of the hundreds of different things you might do to have fun on a river and the Idahoans do that regularly. However, something you probably were not thinking of was white water rafting. Idahoans go absolutely nuts for some dangerous rapids and a fast-moving current. There are a bunch of different tour companies that will run people out to enjoy some extreme river rafting and you are pretty much guaranteed to have a good time. It can be a little dangerous though, so just look out for yourself and follow whatever safety measures the more experienced people you go with enforce.
  3. Along with those Idahoan rivers comes a wealth of different hot spring spots for your relaxing pleasure. There are all kinds of different pools and springs that get nice and warm and serve as excellent spots to sit back and just soak up the steam. There are places like Lava Hot Springs which are basically destination resorts that you can go to even when the weather is sweltering and the last thing on your mind is a hot soak. Lava even has a water park for summertime fun. Then there is the less built up place that might have a pool of hot water and a lodge to spend the night in. You can escape from the clutter and turmoil of life and just have a nice time. And then there are the spots where you are likely to be alone for a long time. There are so many hot springs in Idaho that not everyone knows where they all are. Some of them are just stacks of rocks built up to contain water in a hot spot in the river. All of them are certifiably relaxing and worth at least a day’s visit.
  4. And you are definitely going to want those hot springs close by because it can get pretty cold in Idaho. Because it is so far north, winters in Idaho are generally longer and more severe than most other states. This can cause a lot of problems and might mean you need to stay inside for large portions of a month and that driving is dangerous, but it also opens you up to a whole new world of fun. If it is cold you can either escape that cold in a hot spring or you can embrace it at one of the many different wintertime resorts in Idaho. You can go skiing, snowboarding, and maybe even get in a sleigh ride here or there. Idaho gets a little crazy during the winter with so many people coming into the state to take part in the many different winter sports they can take part in. Idaho is definitely the place to be when the snow starts to fall, just as long as that snow does not bring a particularly nasty blizzard, though those can be rare.
  5. Lastly, no conversation about Idaho is complete unless it includes the state’s rabid affinity for team sports. Most states take their sports very seriously (It would not be America if people were not going crazy over football) but Idaho is one of those states where sports are particularly important. Everyone has their team affiliations and they can be pretty rabid about defending them if you happen to present a dissenting opinion. It would probably be a good idea to figure out who as playing for what and find a side to get behind because sports are probably going to come up in most social situations and you will want to know at least something if you do not already.

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