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The Pets that are Legal to Keep in Boise

Can you have exotic pets in Boise?If you are an animal lover, like most of Idaho, then you are in the right place. Idaho’s culture puts great emphasis on the agricultural lifestyles and owning animals is a very common aspect of that. Due to Idaho’s love for animals, there are laws set in place to protect them, some of which include limits on the animals that are allowed into the state. These restrictions are not extremely limiting for an average pet owner, however. One of the bigger laws to be aware of is the fact that you cannot keep more than four cats, dogs or a mixture of the two without a commercial kennel license. This is to ensure that the animals are being properly taken care of and limiting the chances of animal abuse. If you have a question about what animals you are allowed to have, how many, and where they are allowed a common rule of thumb is to keep things within reason (however, we are not lawyers so be sure to check with a local authority). Another of the laws that might be more prevalent states that you are also not allowed to have more than three pet chickens nor are you allowed to have a pet rooster. These rules are different if the roosters and chickens are for commercial use. They are then not considered pets.

What Pets are Legal in Boise — The Nuts and Bolts

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of what is or isn’t allowed in Boise, there are actually a lot more animals that are allowed as pets than are not; so it is easier to list the animals that are not legal rather than those that are. For example, there are multiple species that fall under the term ‘reptile’ and most of them are fine for you to keep in Boise. Geckos, small breeds of snakes and so on are acceptable in Boise. However, crocodiles or anacondas? Not allowed in Boise as pets. Furthermore, there are also certain types of birds that are not allowed either. Any birds of prey, flamingos, ostriches, and birds of that nature fall into this category. This is for the conservation of the birds and, in some cases, your own safety.

There are quite a few mammals allowed within city limits. Some of the mammals that are not included in what is allowed, however, are marine mammals such as dolphins, whales and seals and other land mammals such as wolves and other non-domesticated animals. Luckily, most people would not have any way to access these animals much less store them so that is not a large problem for most people.

The reason for all of these guidelines is for the safety of both the animals and you. There are a lot of different regulations and people are encouraged to check their online resources to make sure that their animals are legal in Boise. If you are living in certain places such as an apartment or even a condo there can be further limitations to what pets you are allowed to have. This is important to remember when looking for a home. Make sure to be educated on what all the rules are. Just because it is not a state law does not mean that the city laws are null and void and the same goes for the rules that some living units may have. These areas just might not have enough space to accommodate your pet and living there would not be enjoyable for the animal. As stated before, animals are very important to most of the people that live in Idaho and most people make it a priority to make sure that animals are being treated well. However, the safety of the animal’s owners is also important and it is important that you do not put yourself in a living situation that can jeopardize your safety.

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What Pets are Legal in Boise — a Sum Up and Other Resources

If you are unsure of what types of animals you are allowed to own as pets or how many of the same animal you are allowed to own there are several sites online that will tell you. As well as magazines, city statements and so on. Sometimes these sites use the scientific name that the animals are classified under so it is important to make sure you are fully understanding what is and is not allowed to own in Boise. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for not following them. It is best to check for any regulations that may affect you just in case before purchasing a furry friend or moving anywhere new if you already own a certain animal. In most cases, if the animal is domesticated and of reasonable size, you are more likely to be able to keep them.

There are also resources online for finding animals to adopt if you are looking for a new companion that is allowed in Boise. If you are looking for a companion to help you adjust to a new place, locally adopting one is a great way to go. Not only will you find a great companion to bring home but you will know for a fact the pet you own is legal.

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Pet ownership is very encouraged all throughout Idaho and that does not stop at Boise. Idaho is an agricultural state that relies on animals in more ways than one and it is great to have a furry, scaly or feathered companion when settling into your Boise home. A lot of people enjoy going hiking with their dogs, relaxing at home with their cats, singing with their birds and so can you. Boise is very accommodating for most pets with its vast amount of free space for the animals to roam. Even though there are some limitations as to what animals you are allowed to have that does not by any means imply that Idaho is not pet-friendly. Quite the opposite actually, for it is important in Idaho that animals are not treated cruelly and that humans and pets alike are coexisting safely. So come, bring your pets and settle into a nice Boise home that is just waiting to be filled with the love and companionship that is shared between and human and their awesome pet.

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