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Living Near a Lake

Buy a house on the lake in IdahoAt some point in every person’s life, they probably want to live next to the water. Whether it be a river, ocean, or lake, there is just something naturally appealing about spending time at home on a coastline of some sort and it can draw you in like no other experience. However, there might be a lot about living by water that you are not aware of. Specifically, I want to talk to you today about what might affect you if you decide to live next to a lake. Sure, there are plenty of really nice things about a lakeside home, but there are also a number of things that might make you reconsider that decision. Living on a lake is right in the middle of things between the sea and a river when it comes to somewhat difficult living. With a river, you might not even realize you are living next to water until it floods or something similar happens. With an ocean, you cannot escape it, and there might be a hundred different problems that pop up because of the ocean. A lake has a sweet spot where problems are concerned. It is not too hot and not too cold. But there are a few things to worry about.

One of the most difficult things to spot initially that can cause problems is the weathering on your home. The environment of a lake is nothing like the environment of a suburban neighborhood or even a wide-open countryside landscape. There are a number of factors that act on your home to deteriorate it over time. First, the weather itself can be pretty harsh. Large bodies of water tend to create their own atmosphere and attract rain and other elements. Houses are built to handle that kind of thing, but they are not always so great at it when the rain is so constant and the environment so wet.

The sun is also going to be a pretty major problem over a long period of time. In most environments, there is a lot of cover to keep the sun’s rays off of your home for most of the day. The only time it really hits your home full force is when it is right above you, and that is why you have a roof. But on a lake, the sun is an ever-present force and it has a tendency to strip paint and weaken some aspects of your home. There are certain things you can do to blunt the damage the sun does and block a few of its rays such as putting up awnings and setting up a large porch (Something you might want anyway), but those too will be weathered over time and you will have to perform maintenance on them frequently. This is the truth you are going to have it get used to when you live next to a lake. You are often going to have to repair or remodel things that you would not have to repair or remodel in another home in a different place.

Lake house real estateLiving Near a Lake, What to Expect — Wildlife

Water also tends to attract quite a lot of wildlife. After all, it is essential for life in general, so it would make sense that you would see a lot of deer and waterfowl in the area around the lake and on the lake. This is probably one of the reasons you might be looking forward to living there and you would be right to do so. Having wildlife around means all sorts of new opportunities for fun, from fishing to just sightseeing and looking for unique birds or other kinds of animal. Unfortunately, it is not always so great. Sometimes these kinds of animal can actually be a danger. Depending on where you live, there might be bears in the area or other large animals that do not take too kindly to having humans around. If the area is populated enough this probably will not be an issue, but there are other kinds of animal life that can be a problem, though mostly only a nuisance. Wet environments often attract certain kinds of insect like termites that will want to infest your home and take up residence. Termites tend to get into a home through piles of damp wood or standing pools of water that stick around for a long time, and when you live near a lake these things are pretty common. You may wake up one day to find you have a bunch of bugs crawling around your home that are not so easy to get rid of.

Living Near a Lake and Other People

Lakes also tend to attract a whole lot of people, and though they are not bugs that will infest and destroy, they can be just as much of a nuisance. Your neighbors will be fine, but there are going to be people from all over the region that come out to places near your home so they can make use of the lake. Their activity might generally be limited to the weekends and holidays, but you are still going to see increases in traffic at certain times and the people who come to visit might be noisy and ruin your peaceful lake living. Some lakes might be more peaceful than others but it is more than likely that you will be unable to find a place that is truly off the map and that also has enough infrastructure nearby that it is a comfortable spot to live in.

Living on or near a lake can still be a dream come true and the fun you can have around a lake is immeasurable, but you have to be ready for the little and large difficulties that might come with it. They can cause you problems and mean a lot of work, but if you are prepared for them and know what you are doing, they will not bother you all that much, and will pale in comparison to all of the great things you can get from living by a lake.

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