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Lake Lowell and the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge

Wonderful wildlife in IdahoLake Lowell and the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge are great places to visit for all ages. You can go for the day and go boating, fishing and picnicking near the lake. The refuge is open during daylight hours and there is no camping on the actual land that is considered protected, but there are places nearby that you can go to for lodging if you are looking to stay there for a weekend trip. The landscapes are very beautiful and this is a very popular area for locals to go and visit. It is great for people to come to these areas and be aware of the wildlife that is in this area. There are a lot of recreational activities that you can participate in year-round here and that is great if you are very interested in the outdoors and all it has to offer. You can go and learn about the different wildlife that is there and there are great sights to look at and enjoy too. A lot of people like to come here and do some photography or wildlife watching and that is encouraged in this area. There is a large emphasis on getting to know the wildlife and learning more about the state you live in here. People like to come here to get out of the house and away from the daily routine. Due to the fact that this area is a refuge, there are times when the water and other areas are not available for use in order to keep the wildlife uninterrupted during important parts of the year. It is important that you are aware of these times and that you obey those rules.

Hunting in the Nature Preserve

There is hunting and fishing allowed as this is a strong American tradition that locals have followed since the state was settled and it is important to the culture of this state. There are regulations on what you can hunt and when you can hunt it but the sport is supported in this area within the boundaries. There are times when the deer population gets too large for the habitat to sustain and there are hunters that go in and legally hunt the game. There is great information on how you can get a permit and when they allow people to hunt in this area. The same goes for the fish that are in the area as well. There are certain times that people are allowed to fish in order to control the populations and this is an important lesson that this refuge uses to teach people about the checks and balances in life. It is a great way for people to incorporate their hobby into something educational. It helps people learn about the wildlife that inhabits the state and their living patterns so that we can better understand the state we live in. These programs also endorse the full use of our natural resources and making sure to be respectful of the wildlife by not letting the game go to waste. This a great lesson for people to learn and understand in a real-life situation because hunting and fishing is a large part of Idahoan life and it is important that people know the impact of hunting and fishing irresponsibly. There needs to be balance in everything.

There are some amazing animals in IdahoThe other recreational activities in this area are great too if hunting and fishing just are not really your thing. There are a lot of people that bring out boards so that they can wakeboard or jet skis to take out on the water and enjoy a nice sunny day. You can paddle board, swim or brings a flotation device out on the water and get some exercise in, relax or both. There are places around the water where you can picnic or play games as well. This is great for when you have been out on the water for a few hours and need a little break before getting back out there. Fuel up with a picnic, relax in the shade and have another go on the water before heading home from a successful day on the lake. Also, because this is a refuge you can expect to see a lot of wildlife which is very fun for people of all ages and interests. There are a lot of people that come just to study the wildlife and learn more about their daily habits, what they eat, when and where they sleep and so much more. This information is all available to you if you go to the visitor center or just read the signs as you go along your day. There are quiet places that you can go to study the animals in the area, take pictures and just connect with the nature around you. The landscape is beautiful and there is a lot to see. Make sure to pause in your fun-filled day to look around and really appreciate the area that surrounds you. There are so many different animals that live right next to you and you might not even realize it until you look around you. The Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge helps you notice those little things.

Lake Lowell is a great place for recreation and having a lot of fun in the sun during the times that it is open. If you live here in the Nampa area, it will sure to be a place you will love to visit. There are a lot of people that come to this area for boating, fishing and hunting and it is a great place to go for all of those things. Due to the fact that there are only certain times of the year that the lake is open to the public that makes it a popular place for people to go to so be prepared to see other people doing the same things as you if you are going to make a trip. The refuge part of this area is a great way to get involved in the place you are in and learn more about your surroundings. Make a trip to Lake Lowell, you won’t regret it.


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