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The kinds of homes that are for sale in Idaho

Many homes are available in the mountains of IdahoThere are several types of homes available for sale in Idaho. There are ranches, farms, homes in the suburbs, townhomes, cabins, cottages, and custom built homes to fit any specific desires you may have for your abode. Each home style is usually built in specific areas of Idaho to fit the culture and style of its surroundings. For example, a house built to be in a residential neighborhood, like a townhome or a brick Tudor home, would most likely not be found in the mountains where there are cabins and cottages. There are also many kinds of materials and styles that these homes can be made out of as well such as brick, wood, stucco and with furnishings of different metals, granite and other stones and tile depending on the look and feel the owner is going for. Not to mention, there are different color schemes and overall appearances available as well. High ceilings with wooden beams showing and bright natural lighting are very popular upgrades that the new and developing homes are currently using. However, if you are going for more of a Mediterranean feel, you can go for a home that has steep ceilings and tall support beams. There are also older homes, and even historically preserved homes, that have a colonial charm to them that draw a lot of attention as well. These homes all have different benefits and appeals that make them great for homeowners with any sort of taste or preference.


Living in the City

If you plan to live in a city like Boise or Meridian you will find a lot of suburban ranch-style homes, townhomes, and condos. The townhomes and condos are for space efficiency in the city. The closeness of the housing units allows for more places people can inhabit. There is also less land in the city, so condos and townhomes mean more people can enjoy living in Meridian or Boise. Townhomes are especially popular because they don’t take up a lot of space while still giving residents the benefit of their own personal yard. When you get out into the suburbs though, the yards are larger for both townhomes and free-standing single-family units. However, they are not as big as the yards that you see around homes that are further out in the country. Those larger country yards are beneficial for people that need space to raise a small number of animals as well as having a small garden. These country homes are still built pretty close to the Treasure Valley’s larger cities for practical purposes such as quick access to hospitals, great shopping and entertainment options, and so on and so forth. Homes in the Treasure Valley, whether they are in the country or in the city, are usually made of wood, stucco, stone and so on. When it comes to interior work, wood flooring and granite countertops are very popular upgrades in a lot of Idaho homes right now which makes them durable and fashionable at the same time.

Living in the Country There are many homes for sale in the country

If you plan to live in the country, the style of homes you will most likely find will be a classic farm or ranch with a colonial style home in the mix. These are all very functional and are great for many different uses. They will also be made of the materials that are good for the climate and weather conditions that they will be expected to withstand. These homes will be made of wood mostly and some metals. They can have upgraded interiors to make them look and feel more modern such as stainless steel and granite. These homes also have barns and a lot of land. This is to accommodate for the agricultural nature that comes with living in the country and the amenities that are needed to run a farm. It is not as common now, but people who bought these homes in the past used the farm or ranch to make money and live off of. That is why they had huge tracks of land, barns, wells, and massive sprinkler systems. These aren’t a problem for the modern homeowner, it is just something to think about and keep track of. With all these rustic amenities, most farm homes have a warm charm to them that cannot help but make you feel welcome and comfortable at once.

Living in the Mountains

If you plan to live in higher elevations, near or in the mountains, the houses will take on a cabin feel in there design and style. This is partly because this is the design people expect for these areas. It is also because there are certain materials that are more prolific in these areas, not to mention they are more durable– which is necessary in the mountains. Sturdy materials such as stone, wood, and steel are all commonly used to build cabins and cottages. Those materials are used because they are some of the best stuff for withstanding snow, rain, and wind. All of which are weather conditions that the mountains of Idaho experience a little bit more than the cities in the Treasure Valley. The materials used in the homes work beautifully with their location and creates a picture perfect place to live. There are also usually large loading areas in garages or under underhangs for things like boats, ATVs, four-wheelers or RV’s due to the high demand for storage of these large machines.

Idaho is an already beautiful place to live, but, with the addition of a beautiful home filled with all your necessities, it can be almost paradise-like. There are many different landscapes and climates throughout Idaho to fit your tastes and that is one of the main things that influences how homes are styled. There is also the fact that some homes need certain special amenities added to them in order to accommodate the lifestyle of the homeowners. This can mean a larger garage than a typical one or a side barn for animals that need to be protected from the elements and so on. Idaho has several places to live that are very beautiful; whether it be in the country, city or mountains and they have home designs to match and emphasize the beauty that already exists in nature and help create a picture perfect home good enough for a postcard. 

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