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Ideas For Your Extra Room

You can make an office out of your extra roomAside from being a portal to Narnia, a spare room in your home can be a real blessing.  There is a multitude of things you can do with an extra room, besides being the ever ready guest room.  Its uses are only limited by your imagination. Here are a few ideas.

What to do with your extra room: a Home Office

A Home office is one way you can put that room to good use.  It’s nice to have a place to keep the bills, office supplies, and work items away from the main activities of the house. Not only can you find some peace and quiet in your home office to do some work, but it would be easier to keep those types of things private.  There are plenty of websites online where you can generate ideas of how to turn that room into your dream home office.

Ideas for your spare room: a Craft/Sewing Room

A Craft/Sewing room is a dream come true for some people.  If you’ve ever tried to create something on the kitchen table, you will know how hard it can be to keep your things organized.  Having all your items in one room can save time and prevent the headache of having to clean all your crafting items off the table at mealtime.  Having a permanent place for all of the tools of crafting can free you up to create to your heart’s content.

Ways to use your extra room: a Play Room

A Playroom is another option for your extra room.  Having a room to contain the children when they visitand all their toys can bring a calm to the household, especially when unexpected company arrives.   With the help of security ca,meras you can shut the door, and keep an eye on the kids, all while you’re enjoying a visit from a friend. Creating a room for the children and their toys can cut down dramatically on the clutter, which in turn will prevent tripping hazards, foul moods, and possible medical bills.

a media room is a great use of an extra roomExtra room ideas: a Media Room

 You could really have a lot of fun creating this room, possibly giving it a theater look or Hollywood theme.  You could even install real theater seats. Depending on your budget, these can be bought new or if you do a little searching you can find some used ones.  Or, you could just go for more comfortable seating such as a lounge chair. A wet bar/soda bar would be a nice addition to your media room, and don’t forget a nice shelving unit to store all those movies and remote controllers.

How to use your spare room: a Library/Study

A Library/study room can be a wonderful place of solitude for the student or book aficionado.  To help students concentrate and stay on task, educators encourage them to establish a set place to study.  Having a room designated for that purpose can help students succeed. Throw in a full wall of bookshelves filled with books, a couple of comfortable chairs and some lamps, and your study can also be a library.

Another way to use your extra room: a Home Gym

A Home gym can be another way to use your spare room.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get that exercise bike out of the bedroom where it’s used more to drape clothes on than to work out?  Having a home gym can give you the space you need to do a full Yoga workout. You could also put other exercise equipment in the room, rendering a gym membership unnecessary.  The internet is chock-full of ideas of how to create your own home gym.

How to utilize your spare room: a Room to Store Your Collectibles

Room to store your collectibles is one way to use that room.  If you have a large collection of items such as dolls, action figures, china, art, etc, you’re not going to want it stored away in a closet.  You’re going to want to display it so you can enjoy it and show it off to others. Having your collection in it’s own room gives you control over who sees and handles your prized items.  Some collectables need special care, so having them in their own room, you are able to control the climate and store whatever items are needed to take care of that collection.

Ideas for the spare room in your home: a Music Room

A Music room is a wonderful way to minimize the noise in the household, especially when the musician is a novice.  It will also give the budding artist a space where their creativity can be uninterrupted. Remember though, to soundproof the room, especially if you want to keep your neighbors happy.  Again, the internet is a good place to get ideas of how to soundproof your room. You can either do it yourself if your budget is limited or you can find a professional to install soundproofing materials.

What to do with your spare room: Double Duty Room

A Double duty room is always an option.  Maybe you need that room to be more than one type of room, don’t worry.  There are some really fun and interesting ways to make that room, service more than one purpose.  Say, you want it to be a study, but also would like it to be a guest room. No worries, you can get a sleeper sofa, daybed with a trundle bed underneath, or put in a Murphy bed which you can fold right up into the wall.  Another, option for dividing a room for two purposes is to create a room divider. The internet is a great go-to for ideas of ways to divide a room in an attractive and inexpensive way.

Spare room ideas: Rent It Out

Rent it out is another option, especially if you could use the extra money.  There are a couple of ways you can do this. First, you could rent it out long-term using a lease.  If you choose this route, consult the experts on how to accomplish this in the best way, check the zoning codes to confirm it is legal in your area, and make sure you have a firm contract to protect yourself.  The second way you could rent out your space is through an accommodation sharing website. Instead of staying at a motel or hotel, some people like to stay in other people’s homes. This way, you can earn that extra money without committing to a long-term resident.  Although on first thought, this sounds like a dangerous idea to let strangers stay a period of time in your home, it has actually turned out to work quite well. The websites that organize this have screening processes, and at the end of the stay, the host and the guest can leave honest evaluations of each other.

Whatever you decide to do with your extra room, have fun with it.  Don’t worry if you don’t like what you first do with it, because it can always be changed.  Enjoy your options and use your imagination to create your dream come true.

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