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Idaho Vacation Spots | Idaho Real Estate Advisors

Skiing in Idaho is a fun way to spend your timeIf you are looking for a place to go for a week or two to relax and enjoy yourself, it can be hard to decide what is best. There are so many great places on the planet to visit and a lot of them are nestled in various places across the United States. Unless you happen to be an immortal being, you will never see everything there is to see in the United States. You can hit the big spots like the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park, but there are less popular places that are just as amazing or more so in their own special way. One place that is fall of spots like that is Idaho. Pretty much everywhere you go in the Gem State you can find some new splendid wilderness spot or a unique and fun activity that just blows you away. You probably cannot even see all of the cool things there are to see in Idaho in one lifetime. But, you can definitely see many of them, and I would highly encourage you to give the places I am going to mention a visit. You might be surprised by the amount of fun you will have and the amazing things you will see.

Idaho Winter Vacation Spots

Idaho is very well known for its winter sports. When the snow starts falling and the water starts to freeze over, people flock to the state to find the next mountain to ski down or the next pond to skate across. One of the places they flock is McCall and for many different reasons. The main reason is probably the massive ski resort set against the backdrop of Brundage Mountain. Brundage Ski Resort is a hotbed of cold season activities. People mostly go there for an extended ski trip where they can try out the many different slopes and have some fun shredding snow. You can even take some time to learn to ski if you have never partaken in the activity before and what to know what makes it so great. And of course, wherever there are people skiing there are also people snowboarding, so if that particular past-time thrills you, Brundage Resort is a great place to be. Naturally, the resort means that you can spend quite a lot of time on the mountain if you want to spread your ski trip over multiple days. Further, when it is too cold to ski or when you are just tired from so much physical fun, you can also head into the town of McCall itself. There are tons of winter events and activities in and around the city, you can spend some time being a part of. There is a State Park right next door to the city (It might even be in the city limits) and you can even take a sleigh ride with some reindeer if you visit at the right time.

Check out these hot springs in IdahoIdaho Hot Springs

Idaho is also very big when it comes to hot springs. They are peppered all over the state. Some are easy to reach and some take a fair amount of hiking and exploring. Some are really built up to attract tourists and some are literally just a ring of rocks stacked up around a particularly hot part of a river. One of the more developed destinations you might be interested in visiting is Lava Hot Springs. It is a fairly large facility with a few different springs where you can just lay back in the water and drift away into total, unlimited relaxation. Spend your days having fun, checking out the different events and activities in the area such as the water park or just the natural wonders that are everywhere in Idaho and then when night falls, retire to the resort and resume that deep relaxation. The whole area is a perfect combination of fun and rest. You might even choose to combine work and rest as well. If you have something you need to get done there is no more relaxing environment than Lava Hot Springs for work. However, if you want a hot spring that is a little more remote, one of the options you might try is Burgdorf Hot Springs. It has living accommodations you can use if you want to stick around a while, but it is not as much of a tourist destination.

Vacationing in the City of Boise

The city of Boise itself, the capital of Idaho, is a great space to spend some time as well. It is the heart of the Treasure Valley (A treasure indeed) and is at the center of a whole bunch of different events, activities, and even some national parks. There is the Boise River Greenbelt where you can visit Zoo Boise or catch one of the concerts that get put on periodically right next to the river. Down south from Boise is the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area where you can see some raptors and other birds of prey in action. The World Center for Birds of Prey is an especially great way to spend a couple of hours learning about the environment and some of the incredible animals you can find in it. Lastly (Though there are hundreds or thousands of things I could mention that are fun in the Boise area), Boise is not alone in the area. The Treasure Valley is a very populated area and there are several different cities and towns mashed up close to each other that all have their own unique events and fun things to do.

You also might want to think about taking a trip up north to Coeur d’Alene. It is an area a lot like Boise but with a massive lake right next door that can offer you even more hundreds of different options for fun. There is also a pretty large rollercoaster park just north of the city that can take up a couple of days of breakneck fun. Idaho is simply overflowing with enough vacation spots to make your head spin.

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