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Idaho Cold Weather Activities

You'll find the best downhill skiing in IdahoIdaho is a big state. It runs for a good portion of the country’s height, almost cutting the country in half at its westernmost point. Why? What does that matter? The point I am trying to make is that Idaho can have some relatively strange weather. During the summer, things can get pretty hot. During the winter, things can get pretty cold. However, things do tend towards the colder states of being. Idaho has long winters and they can get extreme if the conditions are right for it. What does all this mean? While cold weather can make things more difficult (Something we are going to get into later) for Idaho, winter is a time of fun. People come from all over the country when the snow starts to fall just to see Idaho covered in white. More so, they come in the winter because there are about a thousand cool and unique things you can do in Idaho’s snow and on its ice. What are those things? Here, let me give you an idea.

Idaho Snow Sports

It goes without saying that Idaho skiing is huge. There are probably hundreds of ski resorts and ski destinations spread all over the state. While down south in Idaho things can be mostly flat and that is where all of the crops Idaho is famous for are grown, once you get headed north, that starts to change. Idaho mountains are massive, breathtaking, and perfect if you want to blast down some sick slopes of snow. Further, Idaho can offer the perfect skiing for you no matter what your skill level is in the sport. The place I would most recommend you visit is Brundage Mountain Ski Resort. You will have to travel to McCall to find it, but once you are there you can find a million things to do and one of the best options is some excellent skiing. The resort is big and caters to all kinds of guests. If you have never been skiing before and you want to try and give it a shot, the resort has something for you. If you are an expert skier and no slope in existence can satiate your desire for more skiing, the resort has something for you, though you probably already know about it at this point and you have been there many times. Skiing, in general, is just a lot of fun, and you do not need to try super hard to get the hang of it. As long as you put in some time with someone who knows what they are doing, it will not be long before you are looking for new slopes to test yourself on.

Come enjoy Idaho hot springs this winterIdaho Hot Springs

If you are looking for something a little more mundane and relaxing than skiing, Idaho also has a metric ton of different hot springs you might want to visit. This is because Idaho also has a whole bunch of rivers and where there are rivers, there are usually hot springs (For whatever reason, the world decided Idaho was the best place for so much great stuff). But there is no better way to take a load of and just relax than to soak in a hot spring. The steam rises up off the water and the heat seeps into your bones and all is good for as long as you are in the water. There some different kinds of places you can go in Idaho to get different kinds of relaxation as well. A place like Lava Hot Springs has been built up to more or less be a tourist destination. There are tons of facilities there for relaxation and lodging and you can even visit in the offseason and take advantage of the nearby waterpark or just take in the local countryside. Other kinds of place are less populated and draw less attention. If you want to get away from it all and just enjoy a nice, hot pool of water there are thousands of places in Idaho that are just a particularly hot bit of water and maybe a place to sleep for the night.

Prepare for Idaho Winter

Of course, things in Idaho during the winter are not all fun and games. There are a lot of cool things you can do, but Idaho also can be fairly dangerous during the winter. There is the cold itself which you will want to be prepared for with the proper clothing and different winter procedures than you might be used to, but there is also driving to consider. One of the most dangerous times during the winter in Idaho is when you are on the road and there is snow or ice with you. These two elements can change everything about how you drive and the way your car handles on the road. The best thing I can tell you to do is to find a spot where there are very few cars, parked or otherwise, and practice there when things are inclement. You can get up a little bit of speed in a snowy, empty parking lot and get to know what it feels like when your car is in this new environment. If you are new to Idaho from a part of the country that is already pretty cold, you do not need all of this information, but considering how big the country is, a lot of people come from places where snow is unheard of and only falls once a year, if that.

There is a lot of fun to be had in the winter in Idaho, but your next good time is not the only thing you should be worried about. Snow and ice can be very dangerous, and you want to be prepared for your encounter with them. Other than that, there are few better places you can go in the world and have as much fun as Idaho in the winter. As long as you keep yourself safe, you need not stay inside all winter long and try and stay warm. Venture out and find some fun.

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