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Idaho Botanical Gardens

Garden Flowers found in IdahoThe Idaho Botanical Gardens are located in Boise near the Old Penitentiary. It is even on the same road as the old landmark, Old Penitentiary Road. These gardens are nonprofit and survive on donations from the surrounding community. The Botanical Gardens are a great place to go and get involved with the community. The mission statement of the gardens is to bring people of all ages together to enjoy the plants and community events that take place here. There are times when the gardens will host concerts or festivals with vendors and so on. These events are community favorites because of the beautiful backdrop that adds to any event that is hosted at the gardens. It is a great place for people of all ages to come and experience the beauty. There are also educational events that occur year round in which you can attend and learn about botany and the history of the gardens. The grounds are spectacular to visit whether for a day date, a trip with friends and loved ones or any other circumstance. The gardens are even great to visit in the winter. Their grounds are covered in beautiful lights throughout the fifteen acres that are usually under cultivation.

The Botanical Gardens are nestled in the foothills of Boise and within the cultivated area are 14 specialty gardens that have different focuses. There are different themes and that means that there is a lot of science and upkeep that goes into these gardens because there are plants and flowers that are not local to this area and require more help to keep everything alive. There is an English garden, meditation garden, children’s garden and more. There are so many native and domestic flowers that have been masterfully planted and the whole area is well planned so that you can enjoy the area more fully. There are people that masterfully care for these gardens and you can get involved by donating or by coming to enjoy the gardens. Whatever the fee is to get through to see the gardens goes directly to keeping the garden lively and healthy. It is amazing that such simple beauty can add so much to the quality of life in this area and add so much value to the area. There are people that will drive from all over the Treasure Valley to come and see these gardens at all different times of the year. The gardens are festive and usually fit the time of year which is very fun to see.

Come find the Idaho Botanical Garden!Events at the Idaho Botanical Gardens

While the Botanical Gardens are a great place to just visit and enjoy the beauty of the landscapes there are also a lot of events that are hosted for the public to participate in that are very fun to be a part of. There are weddings that people can host in the gardens as well as festivals and concerts. The weddings are private and it is important to look at their calendar so that you may know what is happening in the gardens so that you know when to go. The gardens are very popular in the summer for concerts and that is because it is a beautiful backdrop to any type of music or entertainment. There have been rock concerts, jazz and all kinds of genres played at this venue which is very fun. The parking is free and it is close to downtown so you can grab some food and visit the beautiful gardens as a date night, a fun trip with friends and loved ones or whatever the occasion may be. A lot of people think that they can only go to the botanical gardens during the summer but it is actually most popular in the winter when they are hosting the Winter Garden aGlow. The beauty is spectacular as 380,000 lights twinkle and reflect off of the white snow that covers the grounds. You can go on a tour through the whole garden and the thousands of lights that are strung all along the garden to create a magical atmosphere that lights up the night. Grab some friends and loved ones, some hot chocolate and a ticket so that you can enjoy these wonderful twinkly lights.

The gardens are simply magical and they are very popular all over town. Because the Botanical Gardens survive purely on admission prices and donations, getting into the gardens can be a little more expensive than some would like, but it is well worth it to support such a beautiful thing. If you are planning to go to the gardens anytime in the winter on a weekend be sure to plan ahead for parking and long lines. There are a lot of people that want to see the gardens especially when the lights are up. It can be a good idea to look into getting tickets in advance so that you can avoid the long lines as much as possible. This goes for any normal time that you are going or for an event. There are even times when you are required to get your tickets in advance if it is for an event such as a concert. It is a beautiful place that is painstakingly designed to add to the beauty that already exists in Idaho and it is a great place to visit and support as often as you can. Be sure to be respectful to the plant life and keep the area tidy. Do not litter and do not stand where you are not supposed to. It can get crowded at times but just be respectful and patient and it will be fun and then the beauty of the gardens can be maintained. This is important even in the winter months when everything seems to have died. The beds need to stay healthy so that they can grow back. There is a lot of work that goes into these gardens and it is nice to do our part to keep them beautiful so that we can continue to enjoy it.

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