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Having Fun in Boise

How to have fun in Boise

In any big city, it can sometimes be hard to find things to do when you have free time. There are always activities and events to participate in, but it can be difficult to point them out in a crowd of a bunch of other things that you might not be interested in. Sometimes, there is just now way to know if something fun is going on without already having some kind of knowledge gained by already participating in that fun beforehand. Boise may not be the biggest of cities, but it is still a big city and there is a lot to do within its limits. So, how do you find out what those things are? Well, just come to me and I will tell you a little bit about Boise and where to go to find fun. I do not have all the answers, but at least some of what I mention here in a moment should strike your fancy and even if none of the following events or destinations interest you, they might give you other ideas about things that do sound like fun. Hopefully, at the end of your time with me today, you have a better idea of what makes Boise tick and how you might join in with that ticking.

While I have you with me, we are going to talk about some things you can do both within the city limits and things that are very close to the city of Boise and which might as well be within the city limits for all the short time it takes to get there. One of the really interesting things about how Idaho is grown in the last few years is that its craft beer industry has really taken off. Alcohol, in general, has seen an uptick in quality and care over the last decade and Boise is one of the best places to sample that quality. There are a bunch of different bars sprinkled through the city, some in downtown and some that have spread out over the full extent of Boise. You can get the traditional bar experience at some of these places and other watering holes are going to be really pushing the envelope when it comes to both the quality of the product they are serving and the atmosphere that comes with it. If the typical bar setting really does not interest you, you can almost certainly find a bar setting that does. Once you find the right bar you are guaranteed to have a drinking experience more refined and fun that you have ever had before. Idaho’s beer and wine are winning awards all over the country and the world, so you might as well take advantage of what you can get at home in the city of Boise.

10 fun things to do in the Boise areaThe Boise Experience

Another fantastic place you can visit within the city limits is the Boise River Green Belt. All kinds of things are always going on down at the greenbelt, both on the river and off it. You can see concerts, visit museums, and even take a trip to Zoo Boise, which hosts a large variety of exotic animals for your viewing pleasure. You can go for a trip down one of the trails that wind along with the river or bring your bike to those same trails or one of the paths specifically meant for cycling. You can grab an inflatable tube and float down the river with a bunch of other citizens of the city during the annual Boise River float. There are several different parts to enjoy with animals to see, feed, or interact with. The Boise River Greenbelt takes up a significant part of the city and you can probably find just about any kind of activity there if you look for it. Even if you just drop by unannounced you are likely to find something you will want to get involved with, and even if there is nothing going on (Something that is statistically unlikely) you can still relax and take in the sights and sounds playing out around you.

Within Boise, there are also many museums and art galleries where you can go and learn more about the world and the way people look at it. There is Boise Art Glass, where you can see how artists have taken simple transparent glass and turned it into something beautiful and colorful. There is the Idaho Military History Museum, where you can learn about the different wars the United States has been involved in and how the military has progressed through the ages. They even have some military equipment on display such as tanks, jets, weapons, and other cool Army, Navy, and Air Force stuff. There is the Boise Art Museum, which has several different exhibits that are frequently changing. You can see different kinds of historical and contemporary art and improve your eye for aesthetics. If you want to know more about Idaho specifically and that part it has played in the country and across the world, there is the Idaho State Museum. Boise has so many museums it is hard to take two steps without getting an eyeful of art of learning more about the state’s history. Take your time going to ones that interest you and plan to come back as well. Most of these museums change their layout and put on new exhibits every now and then.

Lastly, you should take a little trip outside the city to visit the World Center for Birds of Prey. Raptors like owls and falcons have had a lot of trouble coping in a human environment and have become endangered or close to extinct over the years. The World Center for Birds of Prey is working to combat that extinction by breeding birds to release into their natural habitats and educating the populace about the situation and what can be done to reverse it. If you want to know a lot more about animal life, especially when it comes to birds of prey, the World Center is the best place to do it.

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