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Going on the Idaho Road

Take a drive through Idaho's back country There is a lot to see in Idaho. It is a very big state with a whole bunch of different things going on at any one time. Some of that is going on in the populated regions of the south. Some of it is going on in the less dense regions of the north. What matters is, in almost every part of Idaho, there is something worth seeing. How are you ever going to have time to visit all of these places and see all of these things? Two words: Road trip! If you have a lot of time on your hands and you want to use some of it to take a trip of Idaho, I highly recommend packing up the car with a week or two of clothes and snacks and hopping on the highway to do a round trip adventure through Idaho. To facilitate that adventure, I am going to give you a little bit of direction about the stops you should take along the way and what you should set out with the intention of seeing. I will not cover everything, and a lot of the fun about a road trip is being able to just stop and visit something cool or interesting along the way, but hopefully, this will give you a good start.

So, my assumption is going to be that you are starting in the Treasure Valley area, which means Boise or one of the cities around Boise because that is just the statistical likelihood. If you live somewhere else (Which is also statistically likely) Boise can just be a stop on your road trip and something else in this list of places might be your starting point. But, before you leave Boise, the major areas I would recommend seeing are the inner city, which is a lot like some of the major metropolitan areas across the country but on a smaller scale. There are bars and nice restaurants and a whole slew of fun things to do and see. From there, I would move to the Boise River Green Belt, where you can get a look at some of the wildlife in the area (Though not as wild as other parts of the state) and have some fun around the water. You might even be lucky enough to catch a concert or one of the other similar events that occasionally occur along the Boise Green Belt. Finally, a little out of the way is the World Center for Birds of Prey which is right on the edge of a conservation area that is all about protecting birds of prey that are endangered or on the verge of extinction. You can learn more about some incredible wildlife and possibly participate in that endeavor of preservation.

Drive on your Idaho road tripCoeur d’Alene

The next major stop on your trip should be Coeur d’Alene, way up to the north, but there are a number of other minor stops I would recommend. There are any number of cool things to see along the way, but the places I would most say are most deserving are McCall, which has a lovely setting among the mountains and is a great place for a few days of skiing, and you might stop off in the Nez Perce Native American Reservation. The Nez Perce have a very interesting story, and while most of the reservation is not going to facilitate discovering that story, there is a visitor center to the northeast of the reservation that can give you some insights into the historical and modern plight of the Nez Perce.

Within Coeur d’Alene, you are going to find an area that bears a lot of similarity to Boise and the Treasure Valley. It has a massive lake to the southeast of the city that is open for a whole bunch of different activities. If you have a boat, this is the perfect place to bring it and if you do not have a boat this is the perfect place to rent one. If a boat is not in the budget or just does not sound interesting, maybe it is time to break out a couple of fishing poles or just go for a nice and relaxing swim. There are all kinds of events happening on the water and in the city that can take up your attention and bring you a lot of joy. To the north of the city is one of the biggest theme parks in the Northwestern United States. There are roller coasters and all of the theme park attractions you love so much.

The next direction you should take is either to the east to circle back around to more of Southern Idaho or head back the way you came to Boise, stopping along the way to pick up places you have not seen before. If you go east, you will be bracketed by a couple of really wonderful national forests with some different camping options if you want to spend some time out in the wilderness, experiencing nature. One major stop on your way back to Southern Idaho is Missoula, Montana, a somewhat large city in a valley setting. From there, make your way back within the Idaho borders to Idaho Falls and then Pocatello, two very notable and sizeable towns in Southern Idaho. Idaho Falls is a pretty big college town with Brigham Young University Idaho right next door in Rexburg. One of Pocatello’s claims to fame is its museums for Potatoes.

From here, the best thing to do is head back to Boise, and the ideal way of doing that is to stop in Twin Falls on the way. The biggest thing to see in Twin Falls is the Snake River and specifically where it tumbles over a large cliff at Shoshone Falls. Few other waterfalls exist that are so breathtaking and entrancing. One of the best parts of any journey through Idaho is going to be the different natural wonders you can see out the windows of your car and they are always open to spend a day or two in.

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