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Celebration Park

Celebrating Celebration ParkCelebration Park is near the Snake River and is considered an archeological park. You can tour this area and learn more about the life that was there before and how that part of Idaho became how it is today. The basalt there leaves a detailed journal of the past that people have since studied and is open for you to go and enjoy. The tour takes you along the different landmarks and sites and explains how each thing came to pass. There are a lot of interesting facts that people have discovered about this area and Idaho in general that will most likely surprise you. For instance, did you know that the Bonneville flood revealed petroglyphs that range from one hundred to ten thousand years old?

When you are done learning all about the geological and archaeological past of this area there are other things that you can do such as dart throwing. This place is very beautiful as well as educational. Even if you were not particularly interested in this topic before, it is fascinating to see it in person and experience its strange beauty. It is also a great place to go for all ages. There are a lot of schools that take field trips to this area, but the park is open to everyone. It’s a great place to visit as a day trip but overnight camping is also allowed. Celebration Park is a great treasure for you to visit and enjoy for many reasons.


Celebration Park is full of activities, history and beautiful sights. There is a well-known bridge that goes over the Snake River where you can go fishing and enjoy other water activities such as boating, paddle boarding and more. Be sure to be aware of all the regulations for motor boats and fishing because this area is under federal control.

Fun things to do while visiting Celebration ParkOther Fun Things to Do at Celebration Park

There are several things you can do if you do decide to camp here outside of water activities. There are trails that you can hike, tours that you can take to learn about the interesting sights as well as bird watching and horseback riding. There is really something for everyone no matter the age or interest and you are sure to enjoy yourself if you visit this area. The camping here is first come first serve and there are no RV hookups but there are usable bathrooms and potable water for you to use while you are there. There are quiet hours that you must follow due to the close proximity of the campsites. There are also restrictions on where and when you can have fires due to the climate and terrain that you are in. This is to avoid any fires that are unintentional and could damage the area. There are a lot of things that were preserved in the stone from the weather and the type of stone that they were kept in. There is a lot that you can learn in this area which is a great addition to all the fun that you can have here.


This area is a federal reserve due to all the history that has been preserved here. This is important to remember because these areas usually have more closely regulated rules set in place. Make sure that you know if you are allowed to have fires and if you need to bring certain permits or not. There are some rules that you may not expect here such as you need to have a permit if you want to have fifty people in a campsite. That is something that most people would not think to ask but it is important. There are youth camps that come out to Celebration Park and if you are a teacher or youth leader in any way this is a helpful thing to know. There is a visitor center that has information about the area and this is also a place where you can find out what some of the rules of the area are. You can get a permit for camping and book tours over the phone or in person here as well. It is important to keep this area in good, working condition so be sure to clean up after yourself do your part to keep this area clean. Help preserve the sites and people’s experience here by closely following the regulations that are put in place for the safety of the park and its unique landmarks.

If you are not already convinced that Celebration Park is a great place to go and see some amazing things please be reminded of all the things that this place has to offer. There is horseback riding, hiking trails, bird watching, water access, camping and educational tours. This is a great place for all ages to come play, learn and relax. You can interact with nature while you learn about it in an up close and personal setting. The scenery is beautiful and different from anything you will probably see anywhere else. This place has its own story and that is such an awesome thing to remember. There are not very many places in Idaho that offer so many specific things that you can do and see. This place is important culturally and historically. By coming and having fun in this area you are showing appreciation but by taking the time to take care of the land and try to leave it better than you found it you are showing respect for the area and what it represents to Idaho.

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