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Buying a Home with a Pool

What should I know about buying a home with a poolIt is every young person’s dream to have a pool in their backyard, and that dream is shared by many an adult as well. But is owning a pool all it is cracked up to be? Maybe people already know that it is not. A pool is not all fun and games. There are things involved with it that require work and frustration. But, is a pool worth those frustrations, and if it is, what are those frustrations exactly? There is a reason so many people still have pools despite the problems that they come along with. If they were not worth the price of admission, no one would bother buying them anymore and there would be more public pools. So, that is the reason for my being here today. I am going to explain to you some of the downsides of owning a pool and maybe even get a little bit into the upsides as well, though those are more obvious and are probably seated in the reason you are even looking for information on pools.

First, there is the extremely obvious reason you should not buy a pool. They are very expensive. Even in the cheapest option is going to run you quite a lot of money. It takes a whole lot of work to put a giant body of water somewhere on your property and make it into something fun that you want to spend time swimming in. Excavation is probably necessary in order to find a place to actually put the pool, and even above ground pools require a fair amount of construction to put together if you want something that is of good quality and is not going to fall apart and leak in a year or two. If a pool is not something that your budget can support, it is probably not a good idea to try and force it to have it work overtime (Really, you are going to be working overtime to afford this pool if you are not prepared). Obviously, if you have an excess of money, this probably is a non-issue for you, but do not try and break the bank for a little bit of summertime fun.

Pros and Cons of buying a home with a poolMaintaining Your House Pool

Pools also require a fair amount of maintenance and keeping up. They are not just going to sit there and be perfectly fine to use as the days go by and seasons change. There are two things you need to worry about. First, is keeping the pool clean. Leaves and other debris are going to fall into the water and muck it up, leaving you to scoop it out with one of those pool scoops you are probably very familiar with. The longer you let things go without getting all of that junk out of the pool, the less appealing it is going to be to use, and at that point, the pool is really just a waste of time and money. You can hire people to clean the pool for you and the service probably will not be too expensive, but if you were on the fence about price to being with, this might not be an option. Cleaning also does not just mean pulling stuff out that falls in the pool. There is also the chemical aspect of keeping the pool clean. You almost certainly know about the chlorine in pool water that keeps it from growing algae and other micro-life that can look bad and make you sick, but you might not realize how much work it takes to maintain the level of chlorine in a pool. If you do not have enough chlorine in there, the stuff you are trying to keep out is just going to grow anyway. If you have too much chlorine, there will not be any algae, but it will be uncomfortable to swim in the pool and maybe even dangerous. You have to monitor the level of chlorine and keep them at a sweet spot where they are not too high and not too low.

The Dangers of Owning  Home with a Pool

Having a pool can also be pretty dangerous, especially if you have young children or are not very good about watching your surroundings. Most pools have some kind of ceramic tiling around the edge of the water and when you combine that tiling with said water, you end up with a pretty slippery environment. If you are those around you that are using the pool are not careful about where they walk or run, they might slip, trip or otherwise fall. Falling itself can be dangerous enough since you might crack your head on something hard, but the water right next to you adds extra danger. Not only are you likely to hurt your head if you slip, but if the hurt is bad enough, you might be unconscious. If you fall into the water at that point, you are in serious trouble, especially if no one is around to jump in and pull you out of the water. It is possible to drown very quickly and unexpectedly if you are not careful around a pool. That is why if you decide to go through with getting one you should definitely put on time to creating rules and guidelines for people that use the pool. You do not want to be responsible for someone’s death or permanent injury because you were lazy about how your pool should be used.

Like I said though, people still buy pools despite the price, work, and danger involved. They are still a whole lot of fun to have. A pool nearby on a hot summer day is something that cannot be valued with money or time spent. It is just good. So, as long as you are prepared for the consequences and do your best to make sure it is kept up and kept safe, you probably have nothing to worry about. Just know that a pool is not something that exists without the determination of the person who buys it. Put in the effort.

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