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Buying a home in Meridian, Idaho

Meridian Idaho is a developing city right next to the state’s capital, Boise. This area has been receiving the benefits of the population growth Idaho has been experiencing and the real estate market has been undergoing some major expansions. There are several suburbs that have been built in order to keep up with the overflow of people coming to this great state, and though Meridian is one of them it definitely has a personality all its own. The style of its homes are modern with a charming rustic touch only Idaho can provide. Nice wood flooring, granite counter tops, and statement fireplaces are all the rage in recent Idaho home designs. Due to the suburban lifestyle, the homes do look similar to one another because they must follow the guidelines of the Homeowners Associations such as paint colors you can and cannot use and how much shrubbery each house is allowed. There are neighborhoods that are developed by different construction companies and that helps to differentiate the homes from each other. There are also new apartment complexes that have been built within the last couple of years in Meridian. With this large boom in real estate construction, there are some places where farmlands still raise crops and animals.

If you were to move to Meridian, you would find it is in a great location because it is close to Boise and all the activities that are available there without sacrificing what makes Meridian special. Boise is the home of Boise State University, and their football team is very popular throughout most of the whole state. The games attract a large crowd and a lot of people that live in Meridian go to the games and cheer the old orange and blue. There are also a lot of concerts that come to Boise that are fun for people of all ages. There is also a mall in Boise that has a lot of stores like Banana Republic, J. Crew, Vans and more. These are all fun things to do in the city but there are also a lot of fun things to do outdoors as well.

The Outdoor Activities You Can EnjoyYou can have lots of outdoor fun when you live in Meridian

Near Meridian, you can go camping, fishing, boating and more within just an hour. Not to mention, there is access to the Greenbelt that runs along the Boise River where you can float, fish, and travel. There is a dam named Lucky Peak where a lot of people go for boating, waterskiing and so forth that is only forty-five minutes away. Boise and Meridian also have a lot of fun art classes and places for wine tasting and other cultural events that can make for a fun Saturday of relaxing near home.

Suburban Fun in Meridian

There are several restaurant chains that are fun to go to on the weekends as well movie theaters and places to go shopping. Movie theaters here in Meridian actually have a pretty fun promotion called Five Dollar Tuesday which means you can buy a movie ticket for only five dollars– on Tuesdays that is. This means that Tuesdays are usually very busy theater going nights but it is fun to go out with some friends for a midweek movie. There is a very popular shopping center called The Village that is a social hub with upscale stores, high-quality restaurants and fun features and attractions such as the fountain in the center that puts on musical light displays on the hour or the mini ice rink that pops up in the winter time.

The Village also has a movie theater. One of the cool features of the Village theater is its balcony with a full bar for guests 21 and up. The Village has an outdoor ice rink in the winter (like we mentioned earlier) and grass in the summer for children to play on along with a child play structure that is up all year round.

However, the fun at the Village doesn’t stop there. People can also host events at The Village so there is always something to do when you go.

Meridian Idaho is full of suburban charmMeridian’s Slow Pace and Easy Going Lifestyle

Meridian was built from a farming community which allows us to still reap the benefits of a slow-paced country life. Only recently has Meridian starting developing into the city we know today– though the process has been quick. This means that the town still has a general ‘bedtime’ of ten o’clock on weekdays and midnight on weekends. Most stores close at nine at night and open at eight in the morning. It is very rare to find a twenty-four hour anything here. During the day though, there is plenty to do and there are people buzzing around.

The pace of life is still peaceful and not nearly as chaotic as other cities, even Boise. This is a great place for people looking for a good balance of a slow country life but still want the comforts and entertainment of the city life nearby. If you want to have a calm night-in you can easily do that and have a relaxing time. Alternatively, if you want to join the city life you can drive thirty minutes to Boise and enjoy that if you want. Meridian, Idaho is the best of both worlds when it comes to lifestyle.

There are a lot of businesses that are growing and developing in Boise and Meridian which means there are more than a few jobs available in Meridian. The job growth in 2018 is 3.02% in Meridian and the unemployment rate is 3.40%. The average household income is $63,225 in Meridian, for comparison purposes the United State’s average is $53,482– Meridian makes almost $10,000 more in household income. Not to mention, there are lower violent and property crime rates in Meridian than the average rate we see in the United States.

Meridian is a great place to settle in and build a life in. You will have the tools to prosper and grow with the jobs opportunities, safety and general well being that people seem to experience when they relocate to Meridian. It is a great place for many different people no matter how old or young or what interests they may have. We can promise you that it will be pretty hard for you to not fall in love with Meridian as soon as you see it.


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