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Buying a Home in Eagle Idaho

Great homes available in Eagle IdahoEagle Idaho is a very beautiful city nestled in the foothills of Idaho with a population of 26,930 citizens and counting. There are several business and job opportunities in Eagle for you to choose from should you decide to move there and the environment is super welcoming and fun with a variety of activities to participate in, especially outdoors, such as camping, fly fishing, hiking and so much more! There are also gorgeous golf courses for you to go and practice your swing.

Eagle is full of friendly people that are also enjoying the relaxing rural landscape and country lifestyle which is very prominent throughout the city. Many of the homes these people live in are on large plots of land– remnants of Eagle’s rural past. Some use this land for farming and some for recreation. Most people in Eagle are very interested in all things outdoors and most community events are centered around spending time outside. The climate is fairly mild year-round which allows residents and visitors to participate in a lot of outdoor activities all year. The four seasons can fill your desire for a variety of activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, fishing, paddle boarding, boating and bike riding– all of which can be done within an hour of your home if you live in Eagle Idaho.

Eagle is close to the cities of Meridian and Boise which means that it is not only close to those outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and snowboarding but also many great shopping, medical, and business opportunities. You have access to the city, the country or the mountains in Eagle Idaho. For instance, you can spend a fun night on the town in Boise for some bar hopping or live music and then, the next day when you are trying to relax and destress, you can spend some time out in nature like going to the greenbelt right by the Boise river and fishing the day away. There are several things you can do in and around Eagle to fit your every mood, a benefit that does not make Eagle feel like an overwhelming place to live.

In Eagle you will enjoy a sense of communityBuying a Home in Eagle Idaho — Safety and Belonging

Eagle is also a safe place to live. Whether it is the various activities available or just the kindness of the people that live here, there is no way to be sure but the overall crime rate is noticeably lower than the nation’s average. Individually the violent crime rate and property crime rate are both under their respective averages. It is easy to feel safe while living in Eagle and most people are very open and do not feel the need to be guarded around strangers. It is a very good place to settle in and make wonderful friends for any age from five to eighty-five Eagle has a place to live for you and people that you will enjoy spending time with.

The schools in Eagle are a part of the West Ada School District and the public schools in this area have some of the highest test scores in the state. West Ada covers a couple of different cities so the kids all get to meet from different places. The sports at Eagle high school are a very big part of the community’s culture and many people go to the games with or without children of their own participating in them. This creates a closeness within the community that is very fun to be involved in. It is a fun environment for people to gather together and cheer on the local high school students. Eagle is also close to Boise and watching Boise State University’s football team is a very popular past time for a lot of people. People get very festive and invested around football season. It is so fun to go to the games for the energy and excitement apparent there. Bronco football fans and non-football fans alike have a great time watching the players and cheering them on. Another fun activity that people in Eagle enjoy is going to the Firebird Speedway and watching the car races. These events are always high energy events that attract a very fun crowd.

Buying a Home in Eagle — Jobs and Financing

There are several places in Eagle to raise a farm or ranch. There are a lot of people that are already farmers and ranchers that are very successful in what they do. There are also places to live in apartments, condos, townhomes or suburbs, however, if that is more your style. There is a place to suit everyone’s tastes and needs and that is one of the reasons that Eagle is such a great place to live. Not only is the landscape beautiful but the places to live are versatile. There are waterfront homes, plots of land that are just waiting for a custom house to be built on and so much more.

However, having a place to live means nothing if you do not have a way to pay for it. Luckily there are plenty of different jobs available to for pretty much anyone no matter their sets of skills. There are jobs at farms or ranches, construction sites, businesses, restaurants, schools and so much more. However, if by chance you do not find a job that fits your needs or interests, the commute to Meridian or Boise is not long and there is certainly somewhere in one of those cities that will be a match for you.

If you want to learn more about the City of Eagle, Idaho, be sure to check out our Real Estate in Eagle Idaho page!

Eagle Idaho is a stunning place with a magnificent landscape that provides several outdoor activities for those that have a hunger for adventure. The fair climate provides four seasons to satisfy those that enjoy the several different outdoor activities such as hiking, fly fishing and ice fishing, skiing and boating that all of Idaho provides. As well as a great community to find people to connect and build friendships with. Not to mention, Eagle Idaho has a great real estate market with a variety of homes for you to choose from. The community may be brought together predominantly by sporting events and outdoor activities but there other pastimes that people enjoy there such as art classes and concerts and more– so, really, no matter what you are into there is something for you to enjoy if you move to Eagle Idaho. And, as we mentioned, there is also a variety of jobs that fit the skills sets of different people from farmers to businessmen and women and so much more. Eagle is a great location to buy a place to live in and participate in the daily routine of relaxing country life.


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