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Best Places to Camp in Idaho

Camping in Idaho is always an adventureIn the majestic and exciting state of Idaho, where the culture of nature-intensive outdoor activities are a staple of everyone’s lifestyle– of course– there are hundreds of amazing camping spots all throughout the state. There is a location to fit every need and an activity to satisfy every urge. The campgrounds vary in what amenities they provide. Some will have electricity outlets close by as well as running water. Some places just have hose taps for water to drink. Other places have flushable toilets and sometimes even showers. Some places offer portable bathrooms or latrines. Other places are all natural for those that want to put their survival skills and nature savvy to the test. There are places that allow for RV parking for those that are traveling long distance for hiking, fishing or any other reason. There are campgrounds all over the state that have several things you can do while you are there. Fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, boating, and white water rafting are all some of the several activities that are available for those that are looking for entertainment while out spending time connecting with the environment.

Camping in Idaho — A Great Way to Get Away

The campgrounds in Idaho provide a fun and gorgeous place to get away from the daily routine and help keep things exciting– allowing you to get out of any rut or boredom that you might be experiencing and get out of the house and into the great outdoors. The campsites are very popular in the summer and fall when the weather is best for sleeping under the beautiful stars and participating in activities such as hiking, swimming, biking, boating and so much more. There are different levels of how intense your camping experience will be as well. You can go and rent cabins and yurts or you can pack in a tent and connect with nature that way. Whatever you choose to do, however, you will never be in a shortage of things to do and see. Use the time to discover more about the world around you and find yourself a little more and maybe even catch a thrill while wakeboarding or rock climbing. You can take risks and try something new or you can take it easy and stick with what you know and love. Anything goes when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors in Idaho. There are hot springs, lakes, and rivers for relaxing, fishing and rafting as well as trails for biking, hiking and exploring so you will certainly find something that fits your personal adventure profile.

Never pass up going camping in Idaho

Camping in Idaho — Etiquette and Best Practices

The campgrounds in Idaho are also very well kept. This is because the park rangers and people that own the land are very good and keeping litter and waste to a minimum. There are usually regulations set in place that limit the amount of waste that is brought into the campgrounds such as dumping sites to keep things neat and clean. This is important for keeping the quality of everyone’s experience while out camping high. This not only keeps people coming back but it also keeps the areas healthy and beautiful which is a win for business and a win for the natural ecosystems and the planet in general. It is important to remember while you are camping to be considerate of others and the earth and clean up after yourself. It is also in your best interest to keep things safe especially where food is involved to ward off any unwanted guests such as foxes, skunks, and even bears. These animals are exciting and interesting to see from a distance but sharing a picnic table with them is not ideal. The best way to avoid any run-ins is the keep food sealed and out of reach for animals that might be just wandering by.

There are also places to camp that require hiking into the area. These places are more secluded from the world for those that really want to be emersed in the fullness of the wilderness where they must rely on their own knowledge and ability to provide for oneself. This is a great activity for seasoned campers that are looking to up the level of camping that they want to participate in and is a great activity for anyone looking to forget the outside world and push their physical body to the limit. A lot of people that have grown up camping and spend time in nature do this because they have a lot of knowledge about how to stay safe while backpacking. It is important that you do not go alone and that you have a least a couple of experienced backpackers in the group. The payoff is great when you get to the beautifully secluded and untouched areas of Idaho that will act as your temporary home for the night. Prepare for the sights to take your breath away. Also, go prepared in general with enough food, water, and supplies to last in the wilderness without any outside contact for however long you plan to be gone (and maybe a few extra days . . . just in case).

Camping in Idaho — A Vacation You Will Not Soon Forget

Idaho is a gorgeous state that offers a lot of great activities and places to set up camp as well. There are hot springs that will melt away the stresses that can build up from even the simplest of daily routines. There are lakes to go boating, paddle boarding fishing and more that are great for pushing your limits. There are rivers with varying currents to fit your tempo, whether it be fast or slow. (By the way, if you have never done so, going white water rafting or just a nice float on the river is a natural tour of the state and the sights that will take your breath away.) There are also trails for backpacking, hiking, biking not to mention great places to go rock climbing.

There are wonderful places to explore and beautiful sights to see here in Idaho. There are experiences to be had and memories to be made everywhere you turn. The beautiful landscapes are just an added bonus to all the fun and exciting activities there are to do. Even better, there is usually a camping ground near any given activity so that you can stay a little longer, experience a little more and connect with nature as much as you please.

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